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Saturday, 21 January 2017

Can't beat waking up happy!

21st January 2017
Never let success got to your head - never let failure get to your heart.
What do I need to do today that will have the biggest impact on my health, happiness and wellbeing?  That's the question I asked myself as I sat at my desk yesterday morning and the answer was tidy my office as it was doing my head in, it had become a true mess, but also not to rush to do it, to take my time because I was in pain, terrible stomach pain, two days of it - such a wonderful thing being a woman at times, your body reminding you of its purpose!  Other answers to that question were, to make sure I had a good, on track day, a nice long bath to relax that body that was in pain and a few good mugs of tea.  There was also the thought of a walk, but I'd decided that was only if I felt like it when it lightened up and if I had time.  Yeah this listening to my body and my heart helped yesterday.

Starting my day in that way truly helped me have a great day, I can now see my desk top, took Alfie for a walk, then I had me a nice bath (even if it did include multitasking on my phone, doing a video project - I was enjoying doing it).  I then got ready for my meeting before cooking chicken and chips for our dinner.  My bestie came over for a couple of hours and bought my birthday present, it was the best, I laughed until I cried looking through this memory book that she'd made for me, photos and words that just summed up a handful of the many amazing memories we've made over the last 6 years, we've known each other longer but we've been besties since that first lunch, which we worked out yesterday was Feb 4th 2011, we just clicked and we've been giggling together ever since.  I will keep that book by the side of my chair and whenever I'm feeling a little gloomy, I will flick through those pages to remind myself how great my life is. 
It's also made me want to do get back to my scrapbooking and use those folders and photos I have lying about, so that may be something I get out this weekend and start doing, having a kitchen table will be very useful with that.  Making memories is the best, putting them into a book is a wonderful way of reliving them.

I didn't think I was particularly active yesterday, I did take Alfie for a walk but he's a stroller most times, turns out I was wrong, I clocked up 10,728 steps and 54 active minutes, those were when I walked Alfie and arriving and leaving my meetings, unloading the car and setting up the room, that's how you get those steps on your fitbit apparently! 

Oh I almost forgot I did a little online shopping!  Well it was my birthday and I did get my Diamond Leader award this week didn't I, it has to be celebrated :), yep I decided to spend my birthday money on something that will last and be a reminder of my wonderful award, so I've got me a nice watch coming in the post today, I've never had a posh watch before, I'm hoping it'll stop me using my phone as a clock and then I won't have to look at it so often and get distracted by messages. 

My meeting last night was as lovely as ever, it's really taken off Essington has to say it was a new meeting I opened last year, hoping my members will continue to spread the word and I'll have even more new members this year.

Today - Life is very good, I've woken up feeling happy and you can't beat waking up feeling that way.  I've got my fabulous Saturday morning gang to look forward to weighing this morning, followed by a massage, then an afternoon of spending some quality time with mom.  We had such a giggle in the car on the way back from my meeting yesterday, firstly moms trying to get me to look at the stars and aeroplanes in the sky, until I pointed out I couldn't drive if I was looking at the sky, I was stationery at a crossing waving my head about like Stevie Wonder and there's a reason he doesn't drive!  Then we both start singing along with the radio, Barbara Dickson was on singing January, February, now the words mom started singing were not correct, so that got me giggling again, she was singing,

"January, February, into March and May!" 

I'll never sing that song the right way again, because those words are way funnier, it might be a case of you had to be there, but I laughed all the way home.  I love, love, love to hear my mom sing and laugh, especially at the moment when she's in so much discomfort and pain.  I think if I haven't got that song in my itunes collection, I'm going to buy it in a minute, but first to finish this blog, finish my water and go stick the kettle on.  Priorities - you've got to get them right.

Here's to a wonderful weekend, of noticing those moments that make our life as good as it really is, I've enjoyed writing my happy moments and my gratitude's in my new little book this morning, it's a good reminder that there's always good happening.  Focus on the healthy, stay happy and BeYOUtiful. xx

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