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Sunday, 27 November 2016

Yesterday was a 9/10

27th November 2016
No one is you and that is your power.

How often do you have a great day? Go on rate yesterday from 1-10 how would you score it, how would you even know how to score it, what would it depend upon?  Would it be how you felt? Whether you got everything done on your to do list or how much time you got to spend with those you love. what makes a great day in your world, how do you define it? 

I'm guessing most people want a good day but don't know what one even looks like, nor stop to think about it.   

How can you create a good day?  There's something for you to think about...

How do you define success?  Again a lot of people want success and the rewards that go with it, of without paying the price, it's good to remember the way we live today impacts tomorrow.  Success doesn't just happen, we achieve it bit by bit, step by step, little by little.  From a weight loss success point of view, you don't just wake up at your goal weight, you work at it, it takes time, small changes, little tweaks, one thing at a time and along the way appreciating those moments when you are going to do something that isn't going to help you get there.

Success isn't an event!  Take my Weight Watcher meetings for example, they are there to help people find success, but they have their limitations. Meetings are great places for receiving inspiration and encouragement, they often prompt us to make important decisions to make changes.  They even provide the knowledge and tools needed to make those changes, but real sustainable change is a process not a one off meeting or a month of meetings, it's using the information and tools to help you attain that success you want so badly. 

Yesterday for me was a good day, I have more good days than bad and even when I have bad days, in the back of my mind I tell myself this isn't a bad life, it's just a bad day and it'll be better tomorrow.  I'm sat here thinking 'what makes a good day in my world', my life is a simple one by choice, I like to live as easy and stress free as possible, I have a job I enjoy immensely, a mom I love dearly, a dog that is adorable and a calm mind which I'm thankful for.  Why was yesterday a good day then, what made it that way for me, well I woke up smiling and ready for my day despite my headache (that probably took my day down by a score because it wouldn't completely go away), I then got to enjoy the company of some wonderful people at my meeting, followed by an amazing massage by the amazing Karen.  On my way home I stopped at my new local Co-op to buy a few bits, this really added to making my day a good one - told you I have a simple life, the little things make my day.  A delicious easy cooked dinner of faggots, crispy potatoes and cabbage also made it a good day, not to mention the jam doughnut I indulged in, I don't have one very often but when I do and it tastes that good, well then it's worth the 10 Smart Points.  Relaxing with a few glasses of white wine and a snooze in my armchair also made it a really good day.  Finished off with a bit of telly watching with mom, enjoying an episode of Tipping Point before agreeing XFactor was rubbish and having an early night.   Yeah that's up there at a 9 on the score of a good day, no stress in my life, all my bills paid, living within my means, feeling well after a few weeks of a virus, all these things gave yesterday a good 9/10, today I've got rid of that headache, so here's to a 10/10 kind of day. 

As for weight loss success, I'm working on that, taking it one day at a time, yesterday I used a few too many Smart Points but today I'll go for a walk to try and counteract it a little, my different food list is coming along nicely and I plan to cook up something delicious for lunch.

Yep here's to a cracking good day, I hope you have one too BeYOUtiful and that you give a few minutes to thinking about what makes a good day in your world.

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