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Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Morning ain't it!

8th November 2016
Patience with family is love, patience with others is respect and patience with self is confidence.
The only thing I actually managed to do yesterday was shop for food!  By the time I'd done that I felt lousy, drained and all bunged up.  Knowing I was back at work today I decided to rest up and hope I'd feel better this morning - I do thankfully.  Listening to my body, it's impossible to be around so many people all the time without picking up one or two things, thankfully this just seems to be a bit of a throat with a cold, maybe I didn't actually 100% get rid of the one I had the other week, or maybe we're all just passing these germs round!  Either way I feel much better today, love my bottle of Difflam oral rinse I do.

Foodwise, I wasn't up for cooking from scratch so for breakfast I had my meatballs in a wrap, then lunch was leftover chicken and leek pie - I added a bit of cheese to change it up a little.  Tea was a big crusty cob with cheese and onion - lush, can't beat onion to clear your nose when you have a cold.  We were in bed by 7!  I've slept till 4.30am though, so my body obviously needs those 9+ hours.

Today I'm making lamb tagine, I found a recipe a friend gave me years ago after she had cooked it for us, it's not going to be very Smart Point friendly but I don't care, I want it, it's going to be my poorly food.  I will Smart Point it though, heck I'll do it now out the way;

lamb tagine

Chop 1 red onion and soak it in Pomegranate juice.
Take a strong, thick based pot and heat it until it piping hot.

Add a tablespoon of veg oil. (4sp)

Then add
1 teaspoon of cumin seeds
1 teaspoon of ground ginger powder
1 teaspoon of ground cardamom
1 teaspoon of nutmeg
1 teaspoon ground all spice
Half teaspoon of cinnamon

Let them just toast for a minute or so.

Add the lamb and coat that in the spices.

 Add the onion that has been marinating in the pomegranate juice.

Add 12 dates (29sp) with seeds removed then add 2 pint glasses of pomegranate juice per pack of lamb and 3 lamb stock cubes, salt and pepper and then let it bubble on the stove for 6-8 minutes then place in an oven for an hour on 150o.

I've bought Sainsbury's No added sugar pomegranate juice drink which is 10sp a carton (I'll need 2!)  I bought extra lean lamb (how expensive is that!) 900g is 30sp.

I was right, it's not low in Smart Points, 83sp total.  Having said that, it'll serve at least 6=8 portions, so either 10sp (8 portions) or 14sp (6 portions) per serving , I'll be having it with mash I think so another 5sp for the mash.  I can use my weeklies or eat light at the other meal times.

I just hope it tastes as good as the memory...

I'm guessing it won't but it'll still taste good and I can have my memories at the same time.

Right, I'm ready for the day ahead, this week we're talking about Navigating your day, because everyone's days are different - you need your own plan of action!

Here's to a tremendous Tuesday, I'm starting Day 41, the last few days haven't been quite as easy but I'm still on it.  I didn't walk yesterday luckily I did an hour on Sunday, I will be doing my 30 minutes today.

Let's take care of ourselves BeYOUtiful, they effort you put in isn't just about how you look, it's how you feel.  I want to be healthy - don't you? 

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