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Friday, 11 November 2016

It's going to be a glorious day!

11th November 2016
No one is you and that is your power.

I lost 1lb yesterday morning, that's 9.5lb in the 6 weeks and my 5% certificate, happy with those numbers.  This is what I've eaten this week;

Yesterday wasn't my finest hour, I have a stinky head cold that got worse as the day went on and when I got home, I opened a bottle of red wine - that wasn't planned, but I've already decided, it just means less at the weekend!  I also ate another hot dog after I'd had my tea!  All tracked though, I still went for my walk, managed a total of 11,181 steps and 49 active minutes, not bad.  That's my first day I've faltered, Day 1 of week 7, I don't think that's bad at all, I've given my head a wobble and I will be back on track 100% today.

I started writing me a 'To Eat' list yesterday, because there are so many things I fancy at the moment, it looks like this;

To Eat List

Hot dogs, rolls and onions
Donor fake away
Egg mayo sarnie
Sweet chill chicken and noodles
Grey peas and bacon
Chicken stew
Corned beef hash

I will work my way through them over the next week or so, I had the hot dogs last night, they were just as I remembered, although I saved 3 Smart Points by taking some of the bread out of the rolls, they're always so stodgy, I'd rather spend those points on an extra hotdog in each roll and some sauce.

do this and save 3sp

 & add 2 hot dogs per roll, onions and a bit of sauce (the mustards underneath) for 12sp

Just realised I've not really thought about my tweak of the week yet, and looking at my meals from last week, I'm thinking less bread, focus on more vegetables, yep that's my tweak.  I'm still drinking my pint of water each morning and my 30 minutes walk, so now to focus on the food this week.  Good nutritious food, to help get rid of this ruddy cold, enough of it.   Just looking online and peppers and dark green leafy veg like Kale are high in Vitamin C, then kiwifruit and broccoli, strawberries, citrus, tomatoes and peas.  Tomatoes on toast for breakfast it is then!

I need to go shopping for the other foods, but I will, a pepper soup would be good, mmm roast some yellow peppers, fry some onions and garlic slowly, then whizz them up all and for a treat add some Elmlea light single cream, that'd be tasty.  Could of course throw it all in a soup maker instead, maybe add a potato for a bit of thickness. 

Anyway, I'm off to make us mugs of tea, glorious morning out there, fine walking weather, hopefully it'll clear my head!

Have a great day, focus on what's important to you, smile lots and love even more.

Healthy and happy BeYOUtiful!

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