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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Am I getting on your nerves yet?

3rd November 2016
Stay on track because "OMG, you look amazing!" never gets old.

Oops overslept, I never oversleep!  Somehow the alarm is set for 5.44 instead of 4.44, I must have slipped with it when I reset the clock for the hour change last weekend, I don't usually sleep to the alarm so I wouldn't notice, just woke up at 5.09 and thought "WHAT", so I've missed my meditation this morning, will try and fit it in at some point today, I'm sure I can find 15 minutes on top of the 30 minute walk I'll be doing. 

Another good day yesterday, started my morning with heck chicken sausage, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes, onion and a slice of bread for 5sp, lunch was with my besties, quinoa and sweet potato burgers with roasted veggies for 7sp and for tea because my lunch hadn't really, completely hit the spot, I wasn't impressed with the roast veggies, although I did enjoy the burger, I had cheese of toast with parma ham, olives and salad which was delicious.

I did my 30 minute walk early in the day, almost finished my book!  With all my other daytime steps, work etc, I finished on 11,089 steps, which earned me 11 FitPoints according to my Weight Watcher app - yay! 

I was asked by one of my lovely members last night what else I've done to make the difference that's in the pants photo, he was adamant I'd had to do something like sit ups - I assured him as I can you, I haven't I don't remember the last time I did a sit up and even back in the day when I used to spend all my time in the gym my Personal Trainer Neil could never get sit ups out of me, I was the bane of his life I think but somehow he stuck with me, then left Wolverhampton funnily enough :)  

Seriously though, today is weigh in, it's the end of the 5th week and the changes I've made, hand on heart are;

  • Sticking to the plan, I used all my weeklies and Fit Point for the first 3 weeks too, maybe went over a little. 
  • Tracked religiously, only thing I haven't tracked is my milk in tea, but I almost always have the points for it.
  • Walked 30 minutes a day, I believe this has helped enormously, especially with my legs, 15 minutes out, 15 minutes back, no more.  I've noticed when I walk I hold my stomach muscles in and my posture is upright.
  • I'm drinking more water, the amount has risen over the weeks.
  • Over the last 2 weeks I've cut down on tea and coffee.
  •  And since last Monday (Oct 24) I've cut down on my alcohol intake.

That's all I can think of that would've made a difference.  You can see from the photo albums on my personal page I eat good meals, I love food, it's a passion and I don't want to go without so I'm eating different stuff that's within my allowance.

Sorry if I sound like a broken record but I'm in the zone, I haven't been for a very long time, I'm under no illusions of how hard it is to lose weight, I know this most likely won't last forever, and that's not me being negative, that's me being realistic, you never know I might have cracked it, I can always live in hope, but 46 years of life tells me different and I'm okay with that, I'm enjoying the moment, I'm enjoying waking up feeling good (even if it was a little late this morning), I'm particularly enjoying not being hungry, that's weird, and not thinking "What can I eat next?" is leaving space in my mind to think about other things!

Right I need to shift myself, get ready for my busy day, if you haven't been to a meeting for a while, today is a great day to join!  You know you'll thank yourself in a month when you're noticing the difference and ready to cope with Christmas.

For those of you that have taken your pant photos ;) we've now got to do the work!  For those of you that have been on it for a while now - WOO HOO - go you!
For those of you struggling, keep going, keep restarting every day because that's been me all year until it clicked - you can do this, honest!

And for anyone I've missed, remember we're all BeYOUtiful no matter what we weigh or how we're feeling right now. xx

And if I am getting on your nerves with my YAY, ra ra positivity, ask yourself why, there's always a reason.

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