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Sunday, 20 November 2016

Giving up isn't an option!

20th November 2016
Sometimes you just have to turn the page to realise there is more to your book of life than the page you're stuck on.

I had a great day yesterday, my morning meeting was a corker, they really are a lively bunch and it always sets me up for my weekend.  Then my massage lady did her magic on me before I enjoyed spending the afternoon with my bestie.

I had a Smart Pointing free day, didn't go crazy, actually left my main at the curry house because it wasn't all that and I was full after the poppadoms and tandoori chicken starter, plus it hadn't been that many hours since the turkey Panini and chips in Wetherspoons, their chips are awesome, I'd give the Panini a miss though! 

In the middle of our meals we went to the theatre to see Our House, it was really good, very enjoyable, and I do love Madness songs so I knew all the words and we were on the front row, I don't even remember that when I was booking!

Yep good day, finished off with my lovely mom and a few hours in front of the tv before falling asleep during XFactor, it is the best sleeping tablet you can take these days!

A day of rest today is called for, just looked at the tv and there's an Avengers film and a silly Christmas thing, that's my afternoon sorted.  The weather is forecast rain, I draw the line at walking in this heavy rain whilst I'm still not 100%, I'll clean the kitchen instead - it's activity of sorts and at least its productive. 

I've got the chicken marinating in the fridge hope that'll still be okay because it's been marinating over a day now!  I'll cook it and find out I guess...  I'm back on track after my day off yesterday. 

Someone suggested they were giving up yesterday, we can't give up on ourselves EVER!  I knew what she meant but think about it, you can't give up, you're either taking care of yourself or you aren't, we all like to indulge and have treats but too many treats become more like torture.  Some people would think the fact I left my main course last night was a waste, but that's not how I saw it, I got to try a new dish I'd never had before, turns out it wasn't to my taste so who eat something that I wasn't thinking 'mmm' about just because I had to pay for it?  That doesn't make any sense at all.

Neither does eating say a delicious bar of chocolate, buying the huge bar or a multi pack, really enjoying the first few bites and feeling satisfied but continuing to eat the rest just because it's there and ending up feeling a bit sick.  Even if you don't feel sick, you know that at some point it's going to help you gain weight which could affect your health.

Giving up isn't an option!

I often hear members say "Right, let's do this" as the go out of the room all motivated. 

I've never heard one say "Right, let's not do this" and leave the room determined to have an awful week and gain weight and feel dreadful.   We never chose that option deliberately! 

I wonder why?

Because no one really wants to give up on themselves or intentionally make themselves ill.

With that thought in your mind, take care of your today because you're important too, let's focus on the healthy and happy BeYOUtiful and have a wonderful day regardless of the weather.

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