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Monday, 21 November 2016

Marvelous Monday anyone?

21st November 2016
If it doesn't open... it's not your door.

Well I spent yesterday on my backside in front of the tv and nice it was too, much needed and welcomed, followed by an early night.  Not sure what I'm going to do today, I've already done half hours walk so that's a positive start to the day.  It's pouring down again out there again and forecast for the day so I'm thinking (although I could change my mind) that I might do some housework, we've got visitors in a few weeks and it would be helpful if they could actually get in the door! 

No much food in the house either but I'm going to use what there is rather than go shopping, it ain't pay day till the end of the week, I know there's some green beans and a few potatoes so I'm thinking a curry with one of the simply kits I have to use them up.  I got a tin of Homepride curry sauce the other day, I might use that instead or as well and make two curries, there's chicken in the freezer I'm sure, could do with emptying that a bit to make room for Christmas stuff.  Yeah this week I'm going to make do with what's already in the kitchen!   That'll be fun!

 It's the last full week in November too, so if I can keep the Smart Points under control, it'll all help when Christmas gets closer, I'm looking forward to a week off and a week of sitting in from of the tv and doing not a lot with mom, so there won't be weight loss that week at all, they'll be Christmas and a week's holiday combined so you can imagine the results there.

Not there yet though, it's 33 days away, so today will be on track, I've an open tin of tomatoes, that can be the core of breakfast, maybe a slice or two of bacon, egg and bread.  Good healthy meal to start my day, then I'll clear the kitchen ready for cooking up a curry. 

Here's to a bloomin good week, I like that idea, I may not get a weight loss after my weekend but I can eat well for what's left of my week, if it ever stops raining I might even walk!   Need to refresh those habits and tweaks I've been making, 30 minute walk, pint of water in the morning (half way down that already), making sure there's fruit and/or veg on my plate at each meal.  Alcohol free days (& nights!) throughout the week.  Yep, it's not about the grand gestures, it's about the little things, when I'm done here, I'm going downstairs to check out the kitchen food contents and I'll come up with some meals for the week so I know what I'm having and not winging it!

What are you going to do to help you be healthy and happy? 

Let's get on this!

Have a marvelous Monday BeYOUtiful.

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