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Sunday, 13 November 2016

One won't hurt!

13th November 2016
If Christmas isn't in your heart, you won't find it under the tree.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas.  I absolutely love what Christmas should be about, it's a time of year when people start to be nicer to each other, to be more willing to show love and generosity and make time to spend together.  That's what Christmas means to me anyway, I love to watch the Christmas films that make you go "ahhh" and watching the new M&S advert yesterday morning gave me my first feeling Christmas spirit, I'm now ready to start getting ready and enjoying the season.

What Christmas doesn't doesn't mean is buying a load of food and overeating to the point of illness!  Note that chocolate is simply chocolate, it doesn't matter how the marketers package or shape it - it'll still taste the same and have the same effect on your body if you consume too much.

One won't hurt!

Possibly the most dangerous statement you and I will hear or say over the next seven week, yep six weeks today will be Christmas day, but let's be honest, if you go a little crazy and overbuy on the supplies, the week between Christmas and New Year will be eating up all the crap you've bought so you can "start afresh in 2017!" having gained a lot of weight from being the hoover of food and putting it all in your 'waistbin' rather than the wastebin.

One won't hurt! 

That line got me a couple of times yesterday, Matchmakers, mom has a box of honeycomb ones, they're new, guess what - they still just taste like chocolate despite the box being a different colour and them having a different flavour to them.  Plus they're 1 Smart Points a stick, I had 2!  See one won't hurt becomes 2!

One won't hurt!

I made the most delicious stewed steak, dauphinoise potatoes and peas for lunch only 10sp, then my brain said, "One slice of bread with spread to wipe up the gravy won't hurt!".  That's another 3sp.

One won't hurt!

Where does it stop?  Mom sat with gingerbread Viennese whirls, now the original Viennese whirls are one of my favourite treats, I like gingerbread men too, mmm, but you know what, I resisted because one will hurt, 6 Smart Points each, I'd already overspent 5sp on bread and matchmakers, I didn't want to make it 11 Smart Points, nope I want a weight loss again this week, or at least a maintain - no shame in a maintain!

I don't want a gain! 

One will hurt! 

All those ones add up, it's a difficult time of year, temptation is everywhere, heck there's an extra aisle in the supermarket to navigate, it's called the "Christmas/festive aisle" It's an excitable place, it's a bit like sticking a kid in a toy shop with a credit card, very dangerous indeed.

One will hurt!

I don't know about you but I've worked too hard over the last 6 weeks to undo all that good work over the next six weeks, I ate those 2 matchmakers in probably less than a minute, I will not let the odd ONE thing here and there that's going to last seconds make me regain the 5% of my body weight that I've lost over the last 6 weeks.

It's not easy!

Nothing worth having is, but being overweight isn't easy either, it's uncomfortable, it can be painful, I can do this - you can do this, we can handle not easy.

I will enjoy my Christmas this year because Christmas to me has a deeper meaning that the depth of chocolates in a tin, I'm not religious but I do believe that Christmas makes people kinder and the world could do with people being kind and loving more often.

We will indulge on Christmas day, of course we will, you can't beat a turkey dinner, I'm not sure what I'll choose as my niceness on the day but I'll enjoy it and wait until then to do so. 

It's not Christmas yet...

Here's to enjoying Sunday, I'm thinking a good roast chicken dinner, nom nom, if I opt for a slice of bread and spread to mop up the gravy, it will be tracked and I'll walk extra this morning to counteract it.  All about balance BeYOUtiful and that doesn't mean a cake in both hands.

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