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Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Honeymoon periods over for now!

15th November 2016
When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know.  But if you listen, you may learn something new.

It appears the weight loss honeymoon period is over for me!  Don't worry though it doesn't mean my weight loss success is over, it just means I'll be putting more effort in to make the right choices.  I found the first few weeks difficult because I've been off track so long, on track didn't come easy.  Then it just clicked into place and the follow few weeks were just automatic, like they it was my default behaviour.  

Not this week though, nope it's taking effort to resist, there's bloody goodies EVERYWHERE!  How can I not even notice them for weeks, you know there's been a tube of Pringles in my kitchen for over a week since mom came in a shop with me and they haven't even bothered me.  Then suddenly there was MatchMakers on the kitchen table OPEN!  There a Smart Point each btw, oh and last night Jam Dodgers on the coffee table between us, 3 Smart Points each, yes I had one, at least I stopped at one I guess. 

I didn't walk yesterday either because of the rain and I had a training session over the other side of Wolverhampton so couldn't fit it in without effort and yesterday I had no effort in me I'm afraid.

I'm hoping it's because I've not been well, plus it's that time of month - YAY, ain't it fun being a female. 

I don't think the scales will say anything great this week and that's okay, I've had a good run and I'm not stopping here, I'm refocusing.  I'm starting to feel better which is a bonus, I'll have a few more early nights and hopefully be back to 100%.  I'll continue to drink my water, I need to make that stew today (never got round to it yesterday), it's all good though, I have things I can eat today that are healthy.  My fridge is full of goodness.

I did pop in the supermarket yesterday, turned out a handful of things I thought I'd put on my online shop I hadn't, so I had to go fetch a few things.  It's a damn dangerous place to be at the moment isn't it.  So much Christmas treats and temptation.  No one needs a yard box of Wispa chocolate in their life - NO you don't, no matter how tasty it might be.  

We have to keep telling ourselves it's not Christmas yet!  It's only the 15th November, Christmas is 39 days away folks, let's not rush too much to get there.  I will be indulging when it arrives but I'm going to be selective in my choices.  Marshmallow vodka being one!  I bought them yesterday and will make it using some of the bottle of Smirnoff gifted to me by a lovely lady.   That'll be my Christmas Eve drink I think :)  See the planning is part of the fun.

I had a really interesting training session yesterday, it was based on the "Smile" philosophy that Weight Watchers promotes in its plan and instead of being about helping our members it was focused on US, which I thought was lovely, the session was for our benefit, to help us take care of ourselves and I thoroughly enjoyed it.   Prior to arriving we had to take the character strengths audit https://www.viacharacter.org/Survey/Account/Register you should look into it, it's interesting, takes 5-10 minutes but worth it.  It's the third time I've done the questionnaire over the last 3 years and for me it was interesting to see how I've changed. 

It was good to spend a couple of hours focusing on me and what's important for me.  How often does anyone do that!

Hopefully it'll be a dry day today, I'm going to walk longer to make up for missing yesterday, I'm going to start my day with healthy on a plate, not sure what that will look like yet but I'm guessing mushrooms, egg, tomato will be involved, I haven't had that breakfast for a couple of days, maybe that's one of the reasons I've been tempted, not starting my day with my protein like I usually do!

I also cooked a delicious tea when I got home even though I was ravenous because I'd forgot eat lunch before going out, it's salmon on a roll, the dressing was yogurt with some cool mustard and a squirt of sweet freedom syrup, really good.  11 Smart Points of delicious.

On a positive, I got back into my size 12 jeans yesterday!  YAY go me!  7 weeks ago I couldn't get them over my hips, even my fat jeans didn't fit comfortable, that's helped to re-motivate me.

Yep let's do this, let's get back focused, ignore Christmas which is on the horizon, I need to stay focused till the end of the month, I have 4 weeks till we have visitors coming to stay, I need to plan some tasty meals for then so we aren't tempted to go get chip shop rubbish. 

I can do this - I just need to remind myself of my mantra "I'm doing this for me". 

Let's do it together BeYOUtiful, healthy and happy xx

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