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Wednesday, 9 November 2016

What you do now will make post Christmas easier!

9th November 2016
Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know.

It's a bit grim out there this morning, proper November yakky morning, but give me rain over snow any day of the week.  Had me a bit of a lie in, Night Nurse induced coma and hangover to follow, I've been blessed with the cough so forced sleep was necessary.  Hey ho, plenty of water and paracetomal if needed for the headache I've woke with and I'll be good to go.

I never got round to making the tagine as I forgot to pick up a couple of ingredients on my way home so I have them now and will make today, we had sticky toffee pork instead, it was amazing, I'm not one for pork usually but this was delicious, it was from Waitrose and I only bought it because it was an introductory offer of £4 and sounded different - lush.

I asked my members via facebook to tell me only thing they were doing yesterday that was going to help their weight loss journey and I was so impressed with the amount of responses, things from eating stew, measuring milk to spin class or reducing Costa Coffee profits by not indulging!   It's all about making one tweak at a time and they are sure doing that, walking, drinking water, going to their meeting, charging fitbits, making soup, swimming, eating plenty fruit and veg! 

I'm loving that even with only 6 weeks to Christmas, yesterday I had lots of new members join saying they wanted to take control this side of Christmas rather than doing even more damage and crying in January!  They were committed too by getting themselves 3 month passes to ensure they stick with it - now that's dedication and determination, that's what will see them through.

It can be done too, 3 members that I weighed one after the next last night, who all got on plan last week, all lost 7lb each! WOW, it took me 4 weeks to lose that :) just shows how different we all are and I was so pleased for them, their smiles said it all.

We can do this, by the end of today, I will have finished day 42 and be at the end of week 6 of my 12 week Christmas goal, I didn't want to think about numbers but now I'm working towards a stone loss in total, 8.5lb so far, looking forward to the scales telling me I've lost again tomorrow, so they better!

I have a very busy day, I've got a lamb tagine and butter chicken to make, a meeting to get ready for.  Then we have a uni lad coming to interview mom and I about Alzheimer's, she'll have a bit of fun with him I'm sure.

Right keeping it short today, lots to do and I'm in a bit of shock over the US election so going to make me a mug of tea!

Make today a worthwhile day - stay focused BeYOUtiful.

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