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Saturday, 12 November 2016

We can do this!

12th November 2016
Believe you can and your halfway there.

This week in my meetings we've been talking about navigating your way through the day, overcoming the obstacles that get in your way.  The one thing I've noticed seems to be the greatest obstacle is a members inability to believe in themselves!  If you don't believe you can resist temptation - guess what - you won't be able too.

Here's to a weekend of self-belief, knowing that you absolutely can resist temptation, you can stay in control and you can lose weight.  I'm not suggesting for one minute it's always easy but it's doable. I've wanted to overeat this week for sure, stinky cold makes me want to eat junk food but I know that won't really make me feel better so I'm resisting. 

Instead I made the donor fakeaway, I have to say it more than filled the gap, really enjoyed it.  Then for tea I had wholewheat noodles with stir fry veg and leftover cooked chicken, then threw in sweet chilli sauce, took all of 5 minutes that meal did and yes I was tired and felt crappy but 5 minutes is neither here nor there and I felt better for eating good food. 



Just reminding myself too as I forget sometimes that I can do it, although I'm still believing in myself and my ability right now.  Instead of thinking about the crap and treats I might wanna eat, I'm using that brain space to think about the nice food I could make, not got round to thinking too much about today, I just thought maybe Salmon, whatever I'm going to have, I've either got to defrost it, or have tinned.  Ooo tinned stewed steak with mash potatoes and peas, mmm that's a big maybe or corned beef hash, nom nom.  I might get some smoked haddock out the freezer for my breakfast tomorrow morning.   I need to get a bit of shopping or I can't have stuff that's on my 'to eat' list, I need gammon for my grey peas, eggs (I'm down to my last one I think!), we're out of fresh veg again.  Yeah I need to shop, I just don't feel like doing a lot of anything, wished I'd thought to do an online shop now.   

Planning really does help doesn't it, but sometimes life throws a curveball and we don't do the things that help, that's when you have to use all you've learned already to do the best you can.  I can make it through today and maybe tomorrow without shopping, then do an online shop later, that would help keep me on track.

Just looked I can get a delivery for morning, so that's what I'm going to do!  I'll have to get off now then because I want to order a delivery and that's going to take the half hour I'd usually blog more. 

Here's to a great day - finding solutions - we can do this!

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