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Sunday, 6 November 2016

Sunday, day of rest...

6th November 2016
You don't get what you wish for.  You get what you work for.

So yesterday was the first day being "in the zone" didn't come easy, I left my meeting, went for an amazing massage and when I got home the thought of going back out in the cold didn't appeal to me at all, I was tired too.  I forced myself to go though, Alfie showed slightly willing so I thought I'd take him, that would mean I'd walk slower but at least I'd be out.  He wasn't interested either, walked round the block and back to the house - 6 minutes we'd been out!  It would've been so easy to stay home and pretend I'd done my work, took all my willpower and last ounce of energy to make myself put him in the house and go back to finish my 30 minute walk!  I did though and it was a very long 30 minutes I can tell you, the wind whistling round my ears, my hood that I kept putting up, falling off, I'll be wind ready today, shall be searching out my hat and gloves for sure.

Then when I got back I knew I had a chicken and leek pie to cook, I'd got all the ingredients and they needed cooking so I stood in the kitchen for half hour or so prepping that, before collapsing in my chair waiting for it to cook.   

Again so glad I did cook because it was delicious, as was the glass of alcohol I had with it.  Asleep before the XFactor started (best way to watch the show really!) mom woke me up to go to bed and I got up about 5 this morning, so I've had a good sleep and feel refreshed this morning.  Stayed on track too, ended my Saturday on 43sp, 8,499 steps and 37 active minutes on my fitbit earning me a total of 8 FitPoints.  I'm now ready to start Day 39, wow, I'm impressed by myself you know, 39 days on track and I've improved as the days have gone on.

Had this giant ham, eggy crumpet for my tea, it was delicious and so quick and easy to cook.

After yesterday, I need to ensure I don't veer off track today, I will be doing my walk as early as possible to stop me from talking my way out of it.  I'm making stuffed peppers to eat, a light meal, which means we'll either have leftover meatballs for tea or the other half of the pie from yesterday.  I'm thinking meatballs though as they were cooked first, Don't want them with spaghetti though, not sure what else to have them with.  If I go out to the shops, I might get a French stick, they'd be nice in a piece of that, mmm, if not maybe mash.

We've talked about making a' Will Do' list this week rather than a wish to do list, regarding our weight loss, only putting things on there you absolutely know you will do.  I've just realised I only started tracking 100% on day 17, before that I was putting the pics on Facebook and using app most of the time.  My pint of water in the morning has been on my 'will do' list for a very long time now, it's increased over the last couple of weeks and I've taken to carrying a water bottle around with me to meetings.  Walking for 30 minutes a day has been on my will do list since the start of my challenge, I only missed a few days when I was poorly.  What's on your 'Will do' list, what you going to add to it?  I'm adding I will remind myself of my mantra 'I'm doing this for me!' any time I'm tempted not to stay on plan, not to go for that walk, because this is important to me.  For the first time in a long time, I feel like I can get to that stone weight loss, I'm 8.5lb towards it, I'll get my 5% in the next few weeks hopefully but if it takes longer, it takes longer, I've been off track a lot longer than on track, so I'll take it one day at a time.

I'm thinking of adding 10 minutes of stretching exercise or a bit of yoga to my 'Will do' list because my backs started to give me a bit of gip and it hasn't bothered me in a long time.  I'm guessing it's possibly because of the walking, as I don't intend to stop that, I need to stretch out my spine and hips so they can handle the extra moving.   I'll have a google, not committing to that one yet though, here's a little video http://www.nhs.uk/Video/Pages/Backstretches.aspx that might be worth a watch.

Right, moms moving, I need to go put the kettle on for a lovely cuppa tea, then I'll get on with my day.  Whatever you have planned, enjoy BeYOUtiful, take care of you.

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