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Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Making today a Wonderful Wednesday!

16th November 2016
Your mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

Getting my mojo back, although I will admit to a sneaky glass of wine last night once I got back from my meeting, food wise made good choices though, for breakfast I had bacon, egg, mushrooms, tomatoes and toast for 9sp;

Dinner was steak, sweet potato, Yorkshire pudding, brocolli, baby corns, gravy for 15sp;

The tea was a bowl of stew with 2 slice of Weight Watcher bread & spread 10sp;

So 34sp in total with 6sp for my glass of wine, I did 11,723 steps (12 Fit Points), of which 64 were active minutes (includes my walk) I lit up my fitbit dashboard green I'm pleased to say.
It helped that I bumped into a gold member who I hadn't seen for a few months in the Tesco garage yesterday morning and she said "Gosh you've lost loads ain't ya!" That made me realise that people must have noticed that I gained too, so another reason to keep going.  Yes I'm doing this for me but I want to set a good example too.
Of course the best example of successful weight loss is my mom, she's been at goal 12 years this week having lost a total of 100lb, here's a photo of her with her certificates.  She really does have the balance sussed between having a bit of what she fancies and eating the healthy stuff I give her.  She also walks Alfie twice a day and does her bit round the house.  Yep, the lady is amazing!

Today I have stew made, might freeze a couple of portions for the days I don't fancy cooking, although the onions are chewy crunchy, so not the best stew I've had.  I've had my grey peas soaking overnight so will make them today and I might cook a recipe I've found out, I'll let you know if I do and it's any good.

For me and quite a few folk out there, it's that time of year where the dark nights, cold weather and general grimness starts to affect our mood, for some it's diagnosed and called seasonal affective disorder (SAD), I'm just aware my mood drops somewhat so I'm ready for it this year.  I plan to help myself by ensuring I get as much natural sunlight as possible, that'll be my walk every day, it's all beneficial.  I'm going to continue to eat a healthy, balanced diet and keep my life as chilled and calm as is possible (I'm aware that's not always possibly, so I will approach stressful situations in as chilled a mood as is possible).

To lift my mood, I'm watching feel good movies, I'm turning of the not so nice stuff, i don't read newspapers, I don't need all that negativity in my life. 

I'm also going to continue to be kind wherever possible, it's not only helpful to others, it makes me feel good.  That includes being kind to myself!

Anyways, I'm off, I've decided I'm going to make today Wonderful Wednesday!  I'm only going to do things I enjoy and want to do, so cooking is likely, housework unlikely, going to work later guaranteed. 

Here's to a healthy and happy day BeYOUtiful. xx

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