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Saturday, 26 November 2016

This time next year....

26th November 2016
Live, laugh, love because this all ends!

At this time of year (maybe a little earlier) parents around the country have been handed a letter from their children for Father Christmas telling him what they'd like for Christmas!  How about today you write a letter saying what you'd like to have changed by this time next year?

You could hand it to your leader, hold onto it yourself, it's just a good thing to do, get your goals clear in your mind, do you want to weigh less, do you want to learn to cook healthier meals, do you want to get more active, do you want to change your job, move house, I don't know - do you know what you really want?   Make sure you sign and date the letter and put it somewhere safe so you can celebrate when you open and read it and realise you've done what you set out to do! 

Of course you will have to plan how you will achieve those goals, you can't just write them down and offer them to the universe!

I had a chat with my member Bonnie yesterday about exactly this and one of the things she'd like to improve is her cooking skills so we're going to have a cook along on Monday, we're both going to cook exactly the same dish in our separate kitchens and compare notes.  Our first recipe is Chicken Jalfrezi from the new Weight Watchers one pot cook book, page 50, can't wait to see how it goes, you never know I might film me making it, but then again I might not - we shall see ;)

This time next year, what do you want, think about it?  How do you feel now, write that down too, if you're not happy with where or how you are, write down why, get it straight in your head, let's get all this decided before December, before we start enjoying Christmas so it's there in our minds ready for January.  I will be enjoying my Christmas but not until much closer to the 25th, until then I have a few more pounds I'd quite like to shift.  People are commenting and noticing which makes me realise they'd noticed I'd gained too and as a Weight Watcher leader, that's not a great example now is it!

Ooo my different thing list, yesterday I added to it;

  1. Babybel
  2. Bacon lardons
  3. Beef
  4. Bread
  5. Carrot
  6. Cheese triangle
  7. Courgette
  8. Cress
  9. Egg
  10. Green beans
  11. Green peppers
  12. Heck chicken sausages
  13. Leek
  14. Lemon
  15. Lemon & Dill mayo
  16. Mushrooms
  17. Mustard
  18. Pork (sticky toffee - so included syrup)
  19. Potato
  20. Red pepper
  21. Salad leaves including rocket and watercress
  22. Salmon
  23. Satsuma
  24. Skimmed Milk
  25. Spinach
  26. Tomatoes
  27. White sauce
  28. Wine! 

Need to go get some fruit and veg today as my fridge supplies are running low and I've been paid now.

I'm thinking faggots, mash and cabbage for dinner, nom nom, breakfast first though, that'll be sausage and egg sarnie to use up the sausage and well eggs are my thing, I might add lettuce as I think I'm out of mushrooms and tomatoes!  It needs some form of veg with it, maybe I'll have a couple of satsumas too, that'll healthy it up a little more.

I'm starting my day with an attitude of gratitude, I have heating I can turn on when it's cold on waking, so many don't, I have a radio in my office to enjoy music, I do love a bit of music, I danced and sang for a few hours in my kitchen yesterday, I was grateful my mom doesn't mind my noise, because when I sing - it is a noise :) I have to say the new Little Mix album isn't bad at all, I normally wouldn't be a fan but that Amazon Prime meant I could listen to it for free. 

I'm waffling, it's early, I'm off!  Here's to a Saturday staying focused, thinking before consuming, "do we want it more than a weight loss?" there's a question to keep close by.  Now go write that note, start it, "This time next year......"

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