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Thursday, 24 November 2016

Week 9, who'd have believed it!

24th November 2016
Never look back, it distracts you from the now.

Sat here thinking what shall I write...

It's that time of the week where I get weighed, it's Day one of week 9 of my 12 week challenge!   9 weeks ago today I wrote;

It takes It takes 4 weeks for you to notice a change It takes 8 weeks for your friends to notice It takes 12 weeks for the rest of the world to notice It takes one day to decide that you are enough Give it 12 weeks, don't quit!

I also wrote " Start today and by the 24th November your friends will start to say, ooo have you lost some weight?  By them you'll be feeling even better, you'll probably have lost 5% of your body weight, which brings all sorts of benefits with it."

I don't think when I wrote that I believed I'd be the one having lost 5% and having people notice, but they have been noticing and I have lost that 5%.

This is the bit I need reminding of;

It takes one day to decide that you are enough
Never forget that, as you are right not, you're enough.  What you're about to do is decide that you are worth taking care of, worth taking the time to eat well, to think about what you're consuming and the effect it's having on your body.  Worth taking that 30 minutes out of your day to go for a walk and get some exercise (even I need to realise this bit! Starting today!)

So the last two weeks, I haven't been so good, I've not walked at all this week, partly because of the weather, partly... oh who am I kidding, it just got knocked off my priority list!   It needs to get back on, I'm not going to promise to walk today, 5 meetings and busy makes it not quite so easy, but I'm going to try and I will definitely walk tomorrow. 

I'm not sure what the scales will say this morning, I've not been 100%, my tracking has slipped and I'm having to constantly remind myself "it's not Christmas yet!", It's the 24th November not December!   

I ate really well yesterday, we had a delicious dinner of chicken breast stuffed with St Agur cheese wrapped in ham, it was lush, so here's to continuing those good meals, thinking before eating, doing what I can to keep my momentum going and hit my 12 week goal. 

When I started the goal was just to get to the end of the 12 weeks still on track and focused, now it's still the same I guess, I've lost more than I expected if I'm honest, considering my track record over the last year.  I've just remembered I get weighed by my boss a week on Saturday so that's just given me that extra umph to have a super good week now.  If I could lose this morning and next Thursday - that would be awesome.   Then we'd be officially in December, I can start to think about Christmas!

Yeah here's to a cracking good day, I'm thinking sticky toffee pork with mash and veg, that's dinner of course not breakfast!  For brekkie, I might make me an egg sandwich, I need to do a veg shop, got no mushrooms, ooo but the new Co-op opens across the road today, I'm going to be able to walk across and fetch things like that when I need - I'm so pleased, it'll help add steps to my daily quota too.

Started my gratitude book yesterday, already I've noticed it made me more aware of the good things that happened during the day, like that moment when I asked my bestie what she wanted me to cook for our dinner and she replied, "I don't mind, you always cook good food", then when she ate it, she told me how delicious it was.  I love to cook and it's even better when it's appreciated.

Anyway, I'm waffling, moms just woke up, so I'll get going and get my day started. 

Here's to Tracking Thursday - you in BeYOUtiful?

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