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Saturday, 28 November 2015

It's not called Weight Losers!

28th November 2015
Whatever you are - be a good one!

I had a lovely day yesterday, some real me time, a little bit of shopping, not too much though, we're not a fan, me and my bestie, we realised after about the first ten minutes!  Of course there was lunch involved and I have to say the Wine House at Lichfield is delicious and the service was excellent, a lovely couple of hours spent eating and catching up, just what the doctor ordered, so to speak.  It is possibly my most favourite way to pass the time, eating delicious food with excellent company, yep takes some beating that does.

We had a beef and prosciutto ham stew and it was delicious, I'm going to attempt to recreate it as best as I can this weekend, the vegetables were all cut really small and it had small silver skin onions in it, not sure if I can get those (I don't want the pickled variety) but even if I can't I'll have a good go and a delicious stew.  I might even try dumplings, haven't made those for years, but mmm that would work, although I think I haven't made them for years because I'm not that struck on them.

https://www.justgiving.com/Mymom so we did it, I'm amazed, thrilled, proud and grateful £3k raised in 6 months for Alzheimer's - just incredible, actually phenomenal, I can't thank everyone enough!  Just shows what you can achieve when you put your mind to it and get support ;) a little like Weight Watchers, that's the philosophy really isn't it, after all everything is easier with support.

I think at this time of year it's really important to remember it's not called Weight Losers, there's so much out there trying to get us to eat it or drink it.  Heck we stood in the queue in M&S food hall yesterday and I was jittery surrounded by shortbread in glittering lanterns, chocolate sprouts, the most beautiful chocolates, biscuits, luckily where I was queuing, I couldn't see the sweet, Christmas type spirits or I think I'd have caved!  Temptation is everywhere and resistance isn't easy, so let's focus on the 80/20 rule, trying to make healthy choices 80% of the time and giving yourself a break if you slip up the other 20%, not 80% booze and 20% food as suggested by my lovely friend Natalie, although I did like that idea A LOT!

In addition to my stew I'm going to attempt, this will hopefully keep me on track and resisting all that temptation, I'm going to continue to make soups, and also look at finding me another recipe to try, think I might be getting my delia mojo back, that stew needs mustard mash I reckon, mmm. 

Anyway short and sweet this morning because I have a meeting to go to this morning, we're in the actual church again because it's their Christmas fair, there are quite a few church Christmas Fairs on today, so have a look and go check them out, AND for my Bloxwich members, Santa will be on his sleigh from 10-4 today on the high street!

Right I'm off as I have to load my car (I want a sleigh!) and go go go to work ;) get it lol.

Have a wonderful weekend, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, I think I might do a little wrapping this weekend too. 

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