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Saturday, 14 November 2015

Surrounded by the tidy - it's weird!

14th November 2015
It takes courage to grow up and be who you really are. E E Cummings
Check me out, sitting at a clear desk in a tidy office!  Oh yeah, I kept to my word and sorted my messy desk out.  If I'm honest it feels a bit strange, I felt like I was walking into a new place of work this morning!  I'll get used to it I'm sure ;)

Of course that swallowed up the best part of my morning and afternoon, it was worth it though, most things that are worth it take time and effort don't they!  Yep that includes the weight loss things too, there's nothing easy about changing the habits of a lifetime and I did smile Thursday night when we were talking in my meeting about the 'silly season' and one of my members commented "It is Christmas though" and that is quite possibly the most dangerous sentence you can say at this time of year when being offered food or doing the weekly shop. 

It's a dangerous time for those of us trying to lose weight, there's so much temptation out there, in the supermarket, oh don't even get me started on the special "Christmas" foods, I'm steering clear of the aisles I know they're down because I know some days I'm just not strong enough to resist, I mean I've already been sucked into buying my first packet of twiglets!

I've got so much food for the food bank today, glad the ladies picking it up from me, just need to get it all in the car with my Weight Watcher stuff too - that'll be fun ;), so a lovely morning at my meeting to look forward to followed by a massage, then just as we did yesterday afternoon the rest of the day will be spent chilling in front of the tv probably, because everybody needs their down time and that's how we like to spend it.  We watched a film yesterday about 50 cent, I quite enjoyed that, followed by Friends, we're watching them back to back at the moment, they take no concentrating on which is good.  We had a visit from my big brother too which was nice, he'd just missed lunch, I could tell he was gutted, I knew there was a reason I kept a stash of meals in the freezer, so he did get fed with a big bowl of beef stew and mom let him have some of her biscuits.

I need to shop for fresh ingredients but it can wait till tomorrow, not got shopping in me today, plus my £9 coupons not valid until then, although I do fancy a trip to Lidl's tbh, rather than Sainsburys!

Anyway I'm waffling, so I'm going to get ready for my meeting, I love my morning routine, 20 mins meditation, pint of water, blog, mug of tea, catch up on facebook, get ready for work!  So I'll go make that tea, have a great day BeYOUtiful, and I'll see some of you in an hour or so.

Happy Saturday, make it a super one. x

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