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Thursday, 5 November 2015

Lose the fattitude folks!

Thursday 5th November 2015
One day I'm going to make the onions cry!

It's only bonfire night!  Remember, remember no excuses November, are you suffering from a dose of Fattitude?  What is Fattitude you ask, oh you know it's where you start to think you can't do this weight loss lark, I get it on a monthly basis I reckon, yep it works in tune with my monthly cycle - no surprise there!  So what are the symptoms?  Well the first one is when you panic when you've had a 'bad eating' day or at the thought of eating out!  You feel guilty at overindulging and think "I just can't do this" or you stress that you can't eat out and lose weight, it's just not possible and if you do eat out then you're going to have to eat steak and a jacket or salad!  A Fattitude comes from that negative voice in your head that tells you your rubbish, stupid, weak and you'll never lose your weight, so you may as well give up, stuff your face and settle for being fat!

Mmm Fattitude SUCKS! 

How do we turn our fattitude back into a weight loss success attitude, well we start by acknowledging this behaviour is completely normal, well our kind of normal anyway and it's absolutely okay to be dramatic (I saw an awesome tshirt the other day that said "excuse me while I be dramatic" that's so me, ask my bestie, she'll confirm, I'd have bought it if it wasn't £18 in River Island, who pays £18 for a tshirt!) yep you can't beat a bit of being over dramatic to make you realise you're being ridiculous ;) I do it all the time, just don't stay in that headspace please, the truth is you don't have to get all upset and stressed out every time you go off track a little.  Life will always be there, ready to throw a curve ball in the way, there will always be issues, problems, obstacles in your life, heck if there weren't, I reckon you wouldn't actually be living. 

So the next time you go off track, instead of letting the fattitude take over, ask yourself what use it is getting all worked up about it, acknowledge that it will just drain your energy and enthusiasm and stock you from getting back on track.  Use it as a learning curve, one of my newer members did just that yesterday, she'd eaten out then ProPointed the foods, oops, it blew her budget, instead of getting her fattitude on, she used it as a lesson and next time she'll ProPoint before ordering her meal, now that's a weight loss success attitude.

We're making lifestyle changes and with that comes challenges, so let's get rid of the drama and mute the negative self talk and work on finding our solutions.  For example look at why you did what you did when you ate the Toffee Yum Yum, what was going on at the time (in your head and in your environment - I was thinking ooo nice, I've never had one of them before and moms left them and they're use by date is today, they'll go off, what a waste, I was also in the kitchen on my house - it's like WW Cluedo isn't it!) then work out the ProPoints (it was 9pp btw), track them, then before moving on, ask yourself if you can do anything differently to avoid this happening again, in my case yes, I'd bought mom too many treats, got carried away and need to not do that, it's not good for either of us!

Another symptom of fattitude is that all of nothing idea, if you often find yourself thinking, "I've blown it" you're in danger of constantly starting again tomorrow, or Monday or if you really daft thinking, "I'll wait till after Christmas now!" now that really is an attitude of fattitude at its absolute best - can you imagine the damage that could be done thinking 'sod it' from now till January 2.

It doesn't have to be that way, do what you can, when you can to help your weight loss success, don't try to 'pull it back' if it means almost starving for days, don't over exercise thinking that will burn it off, but then you end up exhausted. 

Please remember none of us got to the weight we are overnight and we sure as hell are not going to get it off overnight either, you aren't supposed to 'be on it' all the time, that'd be boring wouldn't it. 

Focus on the day ahead, take it one meal at a time, do the best you can and enjoy the journey. 

Stop playing the victim card, it's no harder for you than anyone else, we all love eating, we all have 'stuff' to deal with in our day to day, everyone gets the same 24 hours, some folk amaze me with what they fit into their day, which is why I stopped playing that pity 'poor me' card a long time ago, it's not helpful and it's another sign of fattitude.

The bonus card, the ace up your sleeve and never forget this, you always have a choice!  No food or person has power over you to make you eat, yeah temptations a bitch and it may feel like the hardest thing to choose wiser, but ultimately the more you do it, the easier it gets. 

I'm up for ditching my fattitude and working on my weight loss success attitude, how about you BeYOUtiful, you in?

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