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Thursday, 19 November 2015

Wantivation, priorities & to do lists!

19th November 2015
Of this be sure: you do not find the happy life... you make it.
My chicken casserole was delicious yesterday, I had to go and buy carrots to make it and my helper (who knows me well) said, "they'll cost you £40 then", what she meant was I wouldn't be able to walk into a supermarket and just buy carrots!  I can't deny she had a point going on my past shopping habits!  She was right, I didn't manage to, but I did only spend £1.89, I bought carrots, a swede to mix with my potato for dinner and a carton of orange juice for mom to take her iron tablets.  So that's progress ain't it!

Swede and potato mash, mmm and it halves the points which is always a bonus, only 39 pence in the co-op too, I expected to pay through the nose, the carrots were the same price too.

There's enough for today too, but might freeze a portion and make us egg and chips for lunch and I'll have casserole for tea, then freeze the other one for another day.  Sorted, see this meal planning ain't that difficult. 

Two things were said to me last night that stuck, the first was "you have to make yourself a priority" and the second was "you need wantivation", both are true, if you don't know why you're doing it, you're unlikely to succeed, I have lots of members join, some have a specific reason like a wedding or a holiday, others more 'vague' I'll ask why do you want to lose weight and they'll either say "because I'm fat" (bad motivation) or "for health" (better motivation), so work out why you're doing this, what's your motivation, what's you wantivation, here's some other reasons I'm told;

- I want to be healthy
- I want to look good
- I want to fit it!
- I want to be able to walk/run/move easier
- I don't want diabetes
- I want to sleep better
- I want to feel good about myself
- I don't want to be the 'fat mom' at the school gates
- I want to enjoy buying clothes again
- I'm getting married/going on a holiday/graduating

There are so many different reasons you can use for that initial wantivation, then we have to work on keeping that motivation going. 

Then you have to make yourself a priority, we don't get round to doing those things that aren't at the top of our "to do" list, there's a reason we've put them on the bottom of the list, they're not that important to us and we don't care if they don't get done!  Dusting is at the bottom of my to do list, it gets done only when I can see a massive cobweb that's really standing out.  Please don't put yourself at the bottom of that list, you're more important than a bit of dust and using Little Britain for inspiration, you can eat more than dust to successfully lose weight!

Just stop for a moment and think about all the things and/or people you've put ahead of your own health and happiness this week?  Was it worth it, are you not worth more?  It's too easy to be blasé isn't it, to ignore the fact that your health might suffer because it isn't right at this moment, yeah you might have some extra fat sitting round your middle but if you dress well, no one can tell (yes I'm talking about me here too!)  It's also dangerous for me too because when I look in a mirror, I love me anyway, whatever my reflection shows, so I have to realise, my wantivation is that I love me so much, I'm going to take care of myself as well as I try to take care of my mom, I'm going to prioritise myself as much as I do my members and I'm going to move myself up to the top of my to do list. 

What you going to do BeYOUtiful? Have a healthy & happy day. xx

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