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Thursday, 26 November 2015

BeYOUtiful - can I just not spell!

26th November 2015
Dear you, make peace with the mirror and watch your reflection change.

What's the difference between beautiful and BeYOUtiful?  Can I just not spell? I think it all started because I wanted people to realise they're more than just a face, more than just a body and that you are who you are and that is enough.  You don't need to be prettier, thinner, better, you're good enough. 

Don't get me wrong that body of your matters because it's part of you and you want it to be as healthy as it possibly can be, I mean look at what it can do, it's legs carry you around for starters and if you're a woman it's capable of creating a child!  That's amazing! 

So for me when a member tells me, they've learned to like themselves, that's the best sentence I hear, and I never tire of hearing it.  We should all love ourselves, whatever our bodies look like, yet our image still has such an impact on the thoughts and behaviour of so many of us.

So embrace your BeYOUtiful, see the amazingness that is you, focus on positive thoughts and change your perspective of your world and see how your world changes.  If you truly love that reflection in the mirror, you're going to start being nice to yourself and when you're nice to someone you behave differently towards them, you take care of them better, it makes a massive difference.  You forgive those you love quicker than those you don't so much!  So if you aren't in the zone and staying on track right now, if you are in that "BeYOUtiful" place, you'll be more inclined to give yourself a break for eating those biscuits and get back to balancing it out with a healthy stew for dinner. 

When was the last time you really looked at yourself in the mirror, what goes through your mind when you start face to face with that person?  Do you like them?  Do you smile when you see your own reflection or do you immediately find fault with the way you look?  Change your thoughts and watch that reflection change as the quote says above, instead of standing there picking out the faults, criticising your hair, nose, thighs, etc, stand there and smile, don't let that internal critic of yours take control of your thoughts, because it will get stronger and take over your life if you let it.  Instead, focus on your positives, not just the physical ones,  you're more than just a body remember!

We're critiqued, criticised and judged enough in every other aspect of our life's, quite often harshly, so let's not be doing that to ourselves too.  Don't let the media and society dictate how you should look, what you should where, how you should behave to fit in, what do they know.  Chose to be your own self, you're truly BeYOUtiful real you, the version you were born to be.  I did after years of trying to change and fit in and be like everyone else and it turned out people actually kinda liked me, (that was a relief!)

Focus on the healthy and happy, you don't have to have an eating disorder to have disordered eating, and yet disordered eating can really take its toll on our mental, emotional, and overall well-being.  It's not necessary to get on scales every damn day, it's not important what the numbers say so much as how you feel.  It's more important to be mindful of what you are eating, to enjoy what you're eating and not just to eat it because it's "low in points or calories".  It's more important to sit down and pay attention to what you're eating rather than eating on the go, standing up, watching tele and even forgetting that you just ate. 

Start listening to that BeYOUtiful body of yours, hear what it says, are you really hungry, did what you just eat make it feel better or worse?  Will eating that doughnut because you're upset really make the situation better?  Would you have been better off taking your BeYOUtiful body for a walk round the block to give it a little exercise and your mind time to calm down?

Yes you can be healthy and happy at any weight, happy people make healthier choices, and BeYOUtiful people well they're the best kind of people ;)

Have a great day. I don't know if any of that made sense, but I'm not even going to read it back, cos in my head it did ;) and that's all that matters to me, it's my crazy blog after all, I don't need to be understood all the time and neither do you.

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