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Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Curves aren't a crime!

17th November 2015
You mind is a powerful thing.  When you fill it with positive thoughts, your life will start to change.

So yesterday I went shopping for a dress and ended up in those square boxes with surround sound mirrors, that have been known to make grown woman cry including myself!  Not yesterday though, yesterday I put a purple party dress on and burst out laughing before taking it off and admiring my 'voluptuous' (I likes that word!) body, yeah you can use the word 'curvy', 'voluptuous', 'overweight', use whatever word you like because the truth is I'm 45, I'm not supposed to look how I did at 25, I'm not prepared to put in the work required to get closer to looking as good as I did when I was 25, I'm sorry, I'm just not.  I like my food, I enjoy my wine, I really don't mind my belly, I'd rather take off the purple dress that just wasn't suited to my body shape and find a nice little black and white number that was, as long as I look good enough to be let out in public, that'll do me! 

Yep, I love my belly and my belly loves me!  I refuse to feel guilty for wanting to keep it!

That doesn't mean I intend to sit and endlessly overeat and drink, nope, I still plan to eat healthily and drink as sensibly as I can, me and the government aren't ever going to agree on that one (2-3 units a day That’s no more than a standard 175ml glass of wine (ABV 13%) or 2 bottles a week).

The point I'm making I guess is I'm happy in my body, I'm okay with the reflection I see in the mirror, I love me!  I'm more than my appearance!

There's so many things we're told we should eat, shouldn't eat, we need to watch, what to wear.  I've just decided to take all that information, filter it to my own beliefs and live the healthiest and happiest life I'm willing and able to.

I can't live my life continually trying to be something that's so difficult to attain, I hope that makes sense.  Don't get me wrong, I'm all for pushing yourself to achieve things that are important to you, but not things that are only important to someone else!

Anyway, that's me and how I feel this Tuesday morning!  Let's move onto food ;)

Yesterday we ate the stuff with the short sell by date and the leftovers, I realised mashed potato is one of my favourite foods especially with gravy on, that was leftover from Sunday dinner.  We also had a saag aloo thing that I'd defrosted and originally bought because it was reduced to £1, we had that with leftover chicken and asparagus.  I forgot to do my overnight oats, hey ho, not to worry, the apples aren't as far gone as I thought, so they will still get used.

I'm thinking eggs for breakfast, I'm actually thinking a Filling and Healthy day, mushrooms on toast for brekkie, probably topped with an egg, then egg, beans and chips for lunch, yes eggs twice but I'll only have one egg at each meal ;)

For my tea, I'll have a bowl of soup, sorted and how cheap does that day work out at, just goes to show, good food doesn't have to be expensive food.

I'm off to get ready for my day, I've drunk my pint of water, the house has warmed up and I'm off for a cuppa before I shower.  Here's to a healthy Tuesday, yes it may be 37 days to Christmas, but you know what, healthy and happy is for life, not just for Christmas!

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