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Monday, 23 November 2015

Have you hit a brick wall?

23rd November 2015
Never ever trust your doubt!
I want to lose weight but I can't stop eating! I've heard that so many times, along with many other statements, such as, "why can't I do this", "it's too hard", "I just like food", and guess what - I don't have a quick fix solution or all of the answers, I do know I've said most of those things at one time or another.  So let's consider the reality of the situation, and see it as a brick wall;
There is a brick wall.
It's in your way.
You can climb over it.
Or tunnel underneath it.
Or kick it down.
Or try to walk round it.
Or you can sit down on the ground in front of it & weep bitter, life-is-not-fair, brick wall-hating tears!

But let's be honest:  When you cry, your mascara runs and so does your nose.
Your eyes get red and puffy and when you're done, that brick wall will still be there in your way.  But the choice is always yours.

What I guess I'm trying to say is we can sit feeling sorry for ourselves, wallowing in the self pity, trying to work out why we want something but don't seem to be able to motivate ourselves to do it, we can analyse all we like or we can accept that, that's just the situation, it is what it is, so now what.

I'm up for opting for the latter, I'm a solution based person, I've spent too many years trying to understand or 'fix' my relationship with food, I have better things to spent my time and headspace on these days.

So what are the solutions, mmm I think I'd say steps rather than solutions, because every time you take a positive step, you get closer to where you want to be.

Write it down, and if you miss a day and don't write it down, that's okay just start writing again from that day.  Maybe as well as writing down what you're eating, write down more such as how you feel, what triggered it, what time of day, where were you.  Start to notice your patterns and behaviours around food and eating.

Give yourself a break, it's okay not to be perfect all the time, the 80/20 rule works quite well, you don't have to lose all the time, sometimes your goal for that week or even that day can just to be to stay in control, rather than feel powerless over the situation in front of you.

Draw a line, do it as often as you need to, put the past behind you, don't dwell, focus forward, what are you going to do today, the 24 hours in front of you - that's what matters.

Decide to prioritise yourself today, what can you do today to help yourself take another step towards your goal. 

For me yesterday that was to go for a walk, it wasn't a great big long hike, it was a half hour tootle round the block with my mom and Alfie, but it was me doing something, getting dressed out of my PJs instead of sitting on my ass in front of the tv all afternoon.

It might be to plan your meals, for a day, a week, whatever you feel you're able to do.

You don't have to be perfect, you're you and you'll do.  But if you're looking for happiness in a multipack of Dorito's or a massive slab of chocolate, you're not going to find it, there's no answers to all life's problems there either!  Sorry, but instead there's the start of another problem if that's where you keep ending up.

There's a difference between struggling a bit because you have lots on (good or bad) and being depressed, if you feel your brick wall is more than having a bit of a struggle at the moment, maybe it's time to get professional help, don't suffer in silence xx

Now me, I'm already for my day, I made an extra chicken dinner yesterday so that's my main meal sorted, I even have apples - that I'm eating! Check me out, I've just done my headspace app, drunk my pint of water and I'm about to go eat an apple!  That's my way of saying I may not be the 'perfect' Weight Watcher 7 days a week but I'm as good as I can be right now, I'll also go for another walk today, one step at a time BeYOUtiful, one step at a time, and remember they don't have to be perfect steps. xx

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