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Friday, 20 November 2015

So you want to lose weight but you can't - WHY?

20th November 2015
If it matters to you, who cares if it matters to anyone else!

Weight Watchers for me is like a big extended family and I love it, one of my commented this week about not liking walking into a room full of strangers and I think we've all done that at some time, usually the week we join Weight Watchers, the beauty of meetings is they're full of people who can relate to you, where else can you go where you automatically know, the room is full of likeminded folk who are willing you to succeed with them.  I love that thought!  She was unsure about visiting another meeting by the way because she had missed her own, she did visit and had a lovely morning, because my members are a friendly bunch.

So yesterday I talked about that wantivation and making yourself a priority, however I was thinking about this yesterday, we may think we have that wantivation, heck we may truly have it, we really want to lose weight and yet we still don't do it!  Why is that?

How do we handle that, what do we do, we all do this at times, is it because we don't really want it?  No, it's just that it's not quite that simple is it, it's easy to want something but not so easy to do what it takes, especially when LIFE keep cropping up and getting in the way.

You may feel like you don't know how to actually get to where you want to be, and maybe you don't, perhaps you've been doing things in such a way for so long and it's time to have a look at whether that needs changing or tweaking!  We don't always make the greatest choices, just because you're within your allowance doesn't mean you're making the wisest choices.  So if you feel like that, talk to your leader, show them what your tracker looks like so they can offer advise.  Go back to basics. 

Is someone else leading you astray and stopping your success, does your mom always buy you a cream cake, your other half start bringing you chocolate home. It might be the opposite is there someone in your life who says things like “Are you going to eat that? OR I thought you were trying to lose weight!” You need to have a word with these people, explain you are trying to lose weight and it's important to you, to those bringing you food, and tell the other person to just SHUT UP! 

Are you scared!  What'll happen once you get to your goal?  Fear holds us back from the things we want, so maybe if you think this is a possibility, think for a moment, imagine what would happen if you achieved your goal exactly as you believe you want to. Does it scare you? I know some members who fear the attention it might bring them, some use weight as a protection against a lot of things, so have a think about that.

It might be as simple as you're scared you're going to be missing out on all the fun, not being able to eat all the foods you love because "you're on a diet", that's not true, many of my gold members truly know how to have a good time!

I think fear of failure is a biggie too, we don't expect ourselves to succeed, or we've lost it before and regained so we don't want to go through that again.  You don't fail until you give up forever and you're not going to do that.  What's that saying it's better to try and fail than to never try at all!  Not trying will guarantee you fail!

Use your past 'fails' as feedback, learn from them.

Be realistic - that's another reason we don't get where we want to be.  As I wrote in my group, whatever your start weight, you can get to a healthy bmi if that's what you wish to be, I have members who have halved their body weight, both Jane and Rachael lost over 11 stone, heck Denise lost 36 stone!  I'm positive AnnMarie didn't believe she could lose 5 stone when she joined, Then there's Pam who I'm sure won't mind me pointing out she's a more mature lady and has also lost 5 stone. I could go on but I don't think I need to. The only person who dictates your weight is you! Never, ever forget that BeYOUtiful!  You may of course not want to get to a 'healthy bmi', it may be a size you're aiming for or even a state of mind.  Our goals are personal to us, we choose them, no one else, so really think about what you want to achieve, what is your true personal goal?

Remember being healthy and happy isn't about living up to a 'skinny ideal' you don't have to get resentful of others success, it's not a case of you versus them, this is ALL about you, focus on being the healthiest person you can be, you're body will help you decide where it wants to stop.

If it's someone else telling you that you SHOULD lose weight or you think you SHOULD and really you don't want to, you know what DON'T!  This is your life, your body, your choice - live it from your heart and do what's right for you BeYOUtiful. Xx

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