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Thursday, 23 July 2015

You know what it's like - Erm NO!

23rd July 2015
I am not a parking ticket looking for your validation!

I had my hair cut yesterday and my hairdresser is also one of my members, her colleagues are both skinny birds, with absolutely no idea what it's like to have a weight problem, they're still very nice ladies - honest!  Anyways, I was settling my bill and there was a box of chocolates on the counter, I looked at the one and said, will you eat these, of course she will, she also informed me she had a packet of Maryland cookies upstairs, the new gooey ones!  Me and my hairdresser (Emma) exchanged a look!  Emma said, "but you didn't have any tea last night did you?", to which she started to reply, "No I didn't have any tea, I just couldn't decide what to have, you know what it's like...", we both interrupted her with a very definite "NO!" who doesn't have tea because when they look in the cupboard they can't decide!  Apparently it happens, yeah - what's that all about, so yeah she doesn't, we however have never experienced this phenomenon!  If we can't see anything in the cupboard we fancy, we call for a takeaway! 

Bless her she then dug a deeper hole (it really is a good job she's absolutely lovely) by saying I just had a few peanuts and a yogurt instead.  Guess how many a few peanuts was - FIVE! 5, yeah 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 then she stopped - how, how is that possible, how can you stop before the packets empty.  We're just off different planets aren't we, I know they say men are from Mars and women are from Venus but thin woman are from another planet altogether because we are not sharing any genetic similarities at all.  Five peanuts, what's that all about, behave!

By now this young lady has my attention and I asked "how many of those cookies have you eaten?"  Yeah you know the answer one, she even started to ask me how many calories that would be and I was like don't!  Just don't!  Who eats ONE!  She obviously doesn't have the same affliction as myself and so many people I know, when she eats a biscuits and walks away the packet doesn't talk to her, whereas when I walk away from a packet I can eat it shouting, "Oy where you going, come back, you can't take one of my mates away from us, take us all, we like to stay together, we area a team!  Now get back here and finish what you started woman" 

She does eat, some weeks she'll have chippy and Chinese and then the next she just doesn't bother, her body tells her what she needs, I didn't get those genes which is why I'll never be able to wear the same size jeans as she does. 

Am I jealous, nah not really, amused, impressed but not jealous, the truth is I love to eat, even more than eating it, I actually love to plan what I'm going to eat, to discuss what we can eat, to cook what I wanna eat or to order what I fancy eating.  I've never had a day where I've not fancied eating, not in my 45 years, not that I can remember anyway.  My passion for food and eating has led me to a job I enjoy and a chance to meet many like-minded people whilst doing it, my besties are all Weight Watchers and I'm blessed, I may not have a size 10 waist but I have a big smile on my face most of the time, I can live with that.  Now is it wrong to fancy biscuits and peanuts for breakfast!  I won't, don't worry - only because there aren't none in the house though ;)

I had a lovely food day yesterday, crumpets for breakfast cut in half lengthway, soaked in egg and dry fried with ham inside and 15g of cathedral city lighter cheese for 1pp, with mushrooms and tomatoes.  I had planned a Filling & Healthy day but the direction changed so that little lot had to be ProPointed which mean I'd had a 12pp breakfast - ouch, this is why I was so super stuffed after eating it, one crumpet would have been plenty and a more realistic sized breakfast!
For a late lunch we had mini toad in the holes made with mini hot dog sausages, I was lazy and bought a packet batter mix from Co-op which worked out at 20pp, the made up toads were 2 for 5pp and delicious.  I'd made them in muffin cases thinking I could just knock them out like you would a cake but it didn't work they did stick to the paper, so next time I'll spray light the tin and just add mix straight to that.  I used use 2 sausages per one and the mix made 12.  Served it with mash and peas, if you haven't got that potato ricer yet, you really do wanna think about it, I boiled 250g of potatoes, normally I'd eat that much myself, instead because I used the ricer it did enough for two because it makes it look like so much more!  And if you do buy one, buy a decent metal one, not a plastic one.

Anyway as comfy as I am sat here, I have a busy day to get too, five meetings and lots of wonderful people to weigh in the town that is Bloxwich, I'll be off then, have the bestest Thursday ever and as someone said to me yesterday "I will not fail", keep telling yourself that BeYOUtiful, it's a really powerful statement to make!


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