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Tuesday, 14 July 2015

It's all good...

14th July 2015
Whatever's good for your soul, do that...
Ooo there's a distinct nip in the air this morning, please can someone bring summer back, thank you very much!  There was no getting in the garden yesterday with all that rain, instead I went for a drive round a few shops, did my weekly food shop and I also went to meet my area manager for the first time and a good meeting it was too, gave me plenty to think about.

I left food yesterday!  Yeah I did, whilst out for lunch, I left it on the plate, as I started eating the flatbread pizza on the plate, I realised it was going to give me heartburn because of all the fat and it was full of fat, the base seemed more like pastry than pizza base, so I left it, instead of living in the 'now' whilst eating, I thought about the consequences.  I think we all need to start doing that more and I'm not just talking about whether what you're about to eat is going to give you indigestion but whether what you're eating is taking you away from your weight loss goals, your healthy goals, your happiness goals!  All questions worth asking and it's so easy to pretend what you're eating is all okay when it isn't.

Writing that has just made me go and check the freezer for today's dinner, I've decided on lambs liver, gonna go with good filling and healthy ingredients today and go with liver, mash and peas in an onion gravy, might have scrambled eggs for brekkie, mmm or I could have them for tea, we'll see if I get hungry before leaving for work this morning, if not I'll just have my nutribullet spinach, banana and berries drink.

Yes definitely a nip in the air this morning, I'll be looking for my cardigan in a minute, what's that all about in July, raining still outside, but it isn't in here, so we'll smile and get on with it.

Talking to my new manager yesterday and thinking about it afterwards made me realise how good my world is right now, I have no desire for time off or a holiday because I'm enjoying my every days week in, week out.  Even with the hormonal ups and downs, which I've come to embrace the crazy, I'm loving life.  I've found myself new pastimes which is mostly my garden, this normally ends in the winter but now I've sorted my shed out and my brothers gonna come help me build a make shift greenhouse, I'll be able to keep that going throughout the year if I wish.  Yeah it's all good.

I'm no longer obsessed with being 'thin', which I was for many years and it didn't actually make me any happier in the long term, I'm now all about the healthy and happy and that's working for me.

So here's to another great day, here's to seeing my fantastic members at the meeting, to enjoying a delicious lunch and to embracing the simple life, I likes it.

Enjoy your day however calm or chaotic it may be BeYOUtiful...

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