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Saturday, 25 July 2015

Share it Saturday!

25th July 2015
We cannot become what we want to be by remaining what we are.  Max Depree

It's so easy to get stuck in that vicious belief of "I can't do it, it's so hard!" isn't it?  I've noticed a few have been feeling that way over the last few weeks, I'm sure it's because suddenly the kids are off school and they're out of routine.  We've got to be careful we don't get stuck believing those thoughts because if we do, it will become too hard and we'll stop trying - that we don't want.

Change your thoughts, change your world I say, and it couldn't have been put better than with a post of another member, she posted a photo of her dinner with the caption "I will not fail", that's the best sentence I've read this week.  How positive and determined does she sound.  And you know what, even if she isn't 100% convinced that she means it, just writing it will help to affirm it to herself.

Because yes, losing weight is hard but so is being overweight!  So choose your hard, do you want to struggle a bit with saying no and resisting temptation sometimes or do you want to struggle to get out of bed in a morning because you're carrying excess weight, struggle to walk in the hot weather, I don't need to carry on with more things that make being overweight hard, we all know them don't we, there all over the news every day, right next to those adverts that are there to encourage us to eat more!

Okay we all usually agree that it's easier to stay on track in the week than it is at the weekend, and normally that's when the photos of dinners stop being posted on Facebook, so I'm up for making today 'Share it Saturday', yeah we're all happy to post our foodie photos in the week, but at the weekend....  so let's do it, we can have 'Share it Sunday' tomorrow too, it makes a difference.

I know I think about what I'm going to cook more if I know I'm going to post it on Facebook for all to see.  Last night being a Friday teatime and me just having had my massage, it would have been so easy to just grab something, but instead I made butter chicken using a Spice Taylor sauce mix (11pp), 3 chicken breast (11pp) and tsp oil (1pp), this made 3 servings.  I served it with basmati brown rice (5pp) and a Weight Watchers nann bread (3pp).

I'm also thinking of having a proper on Sunday but instead of cooking a whole chicken of which I cannot resist the skin, actually I can resist it, I choose not too because it's crispy and I like it, there that's the truth, it isn't my willpower because I know my willpower can be super strong, I gave up meat for years, I wasn't just a veggie, I was vegan, so yes I can resist, I choose not to.  Anyway I digress, my post was, instead of cooking a chicken, I'm going to stuff a chicken breast with some stuffing and wrap bacon round it and have that roasted instead with potato and veggies, sounds good yeah!  My massage lady suggested it and I thought mmm, yeah I want some of that in my life.  Just need to go buy some paxo, she makes her own stuff, I can't be doing with that, it took Mrs Paxo years to perfect her stuffing, I don't have such time so I will settle with her perfection.  Plus when I cook paxo it reminds me of my childhood and helping mom in the kitchen, I was allowed to make it up for mom whilst she cooked the Sunday dinner, so we'll stick with paxo and happy memories.   
We have left over butter curry for today's dinner, I also really fancy a risotto at some point but can't decide whether to buy a readymade one or make one and that depends on the weather this weekend because I'll be in the garden if I get dry weather. 

This one's low in ProPoints and easy to make;
Creamy Mushroom Risotto
Serves 4, 6pp each
Weight Watcher oil spray (1pp)
100g risotto rice (9pp)
300ml hot vegetable stock
175g chopped mushrooms
1 clove garlic, crushed
60g low fat soft cheese (2pp)
freshly ground pepper
a handful of roughly chopped fresh parsley

Spray saucepan once with oil spray, add the rice and gently fry over medium heat for 2 minutes or until lightly golden. Gradually add stock and 150ml of hot water, then bring to the boil. Simmer for 20m or until tender and all the liquid is absorbed. Add a little more water if required during cooking. Spray frying pan with oil spray and add the mushrooms and garlic. Fry for 4-5m, until starting to brown.

Stir the soft cheese into the cooked rice. If the mixture is too thick add a little skimmed milk. Remove the rice from the heat and stir in the mushrooms, parsley and black pepper to taste. Serve immediately.

Anyway I'm waffling now and I need to shower and get ready for my meeting. Don't forget today is Share it Saturday, let's get it trending #ShareIt, the more we tell people what we're doing, the more likely we are to stay on track BeYOUtiful, what do you say?

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