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Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Playing out on a school night - still on track!

29th July 2015
Unless you change how you are, you will always have what you've got!

An unexpected meal out took a few of my ProPoints last night but after my blog yesterday about spending time with friends, I made the effort, normally I wouldn't go out on a work night but I was still home and back for mom for just after nine.  I went to the Broadway and had sirloin and jacket, which I have to say was a good meal, they've changed their menu and I was impressed, I've just ProPointed the meal and it's set me back 21pp,

8oz sirloin steak 8pp
Jacket potato 6pp
3 onion rings 3pp
Peas 2pp
I x 10g patty butter 2pp

We'd both ordered the same but she won't have had to track as many ProPoints as me cos she left onion rings - her resisting temptation was impressive, I just eat them because they're there, next time I must remember to ask them not to put them on my plate because I genuinely are not fussed about onion rings and it's a waste of 3pp.  Old habits die hard and cleaning my plate is very ingrained!

A good natter was had, and the food was enjoyed, luckily I hadn't gone mad all day, breakfast was a flatbread and poached egg with spinach for 6pp, 

lunch was 7pp steak & Guinness pie served with vegetables.   

So my total intake for the day was 34pp.  No booze was consumed and I'd earned a couple of points on my fitbit so all is good in my world.  Love the fact the diet pop was only 99p and you get free refills, not that I had a second but nice to know the options there.

So you can eat out and lose weight!  Had I known I was going I could've had a lower ProPointed breakfast, my banana on cinnamon bagel is only 3pp.

It was nice to have a natter, it broke up the week too and as my besties away on her holidays, I hadn't been out at the weekend.

Alfie seems much improved too so all is good in my world today thankfully.

I need to go check the freezer for today's dinner, I also want some more of those bagels so will pop into the Co-op in the hope they still have some, a normal sized bagel will set me back 6 or 7pp, but these Cinnamon & Raisin Thin Bagels are only 3pp, I've just looked and the New York Bakery Co. Cinnamon & Raisin Mini Bagels are also 3pp so I'll look out for them too, there's only 5g different in their weight. 

I might buy the New York ones to see if they taste better, it looks like Asda and Sainsbury's sell them according to the internet, we shall see!

So a light day today I think, fish possibly balance out all that beef consumed yesterday, will pop into Asda and get a bit more fresh veg, I might even make a chicken casserole for tomorrow as this weather really is more like autumn that summer! 
Right I'm off to get my paperwork done, if I do it quickly and get the mammoth putting the bins out task done, I could do the supermarket on the way to work, getting organised ain't I!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, remember if it's important enough to you, you'll find a way and make it work.  And just in case you've forgotten Healthy & Happy is the answer (whatever the problem is) weight loss becomes a side effect then.  Love yourself as you are now and you're more likely to take care of yourself - no one looks after something they hate!

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