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Thursday, 16 July 2015

My memory is as bad as my moms!

16th July 2015
Be careful who you make memories with, those things can last a lifetime! Ugo Eze

Well I lost my car key yesterday when I got to the venue, took me a good hour before I found it, had all my helpers searching, asked members to keep their eye out too.  I'd already misplaced my big bunch of keys in my house before I left, so had picked up my spare, then I'd lost that!  I had just finished weighing all my lovelies when I found it, for some reason I'd put it in my bra!  What the hell, well you can imagine the response when I declared to the room I'd found it.   When asked how I couldn't feel it there, well there nothing but padding in my bra, I take my breasts off at night and hang them on a door, I've never been blessed in that department ;) nor in the memory department apparently, mine is possibly worse than moms!

Great news after my meeting too, one of my members passed her final assessment and is now a fully fledged leader, that's two of my members this year that are now leaders, it's great to have them as new colleagues and to work alongside as the best job in the world.  Well done Mel, proud of you my lovely.  We're always looking for new leaders as there's so many members out there looking for support, so if you're interested check out the role online http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/job/MeetingPositions.aspx Everyone needs a leader that they relate to and we're all so different, it's important that you find the one that matches you, so the more choice there is the more likely you are to find your perfect leader.  I'll never forget mine, her name was Lynda and she supported both mom and me to our goal, then encouraged me to become a leader.  She even went one step further and passed on the meeting to me as she moved to a new one closer to her home, big shoes to fill back then and I'll always be grateful to her for all her support, especially the support she showed my mom.  Yeah a member chooses a leader not the other way round, so it's good to have that choice, so please if you think being a leader is maybe something you'd be interested in but you're nothing like your leader, that's okay, we're all different, that's a good thing.  When I asked the leader at the church where I'm opening my Saturday meeting if she minded me sharing her venue, she was absolutely brilliant and pointed out where the complete opposites so will complement each other and it's true, we will.

Anyway back to the now as my open isn't for 8 weeks, I don't want to bore you all to death with it, up until now there's only been one Saturday meeting in the whole of the city of Wolverhampton, any other day you'd have way more choice, so hopefully Weight Watchers will be opening even more as people don't want to travel, most people go to the meeting that's closest, that they can walk too. That's why we need more leaders to help spread the Weight Watchers way and get the healthy & happy out there, so please if it's something you think, mmmm maybe, DO IT!

So I never got to eat my skewers, turned out the chicken I defrosted was chicken breast pieces but they were way to tiny to go on a skewer, so I ended up throwing them in a jar of our price curry sauce, mmm I love that stuff, I haven't had it for a while.

Got a really busy day ahead, love it, I have leftover curry I can eat or there's plenty in the cupboards to go at, I will make sure my tea is on the side waiting for me when I get home because Thursday is the one day where I'm likely to go off track, that's not happening this week because I'm going to be prepared.
Are you prepared?  Do you have a plan? Here's to a great day, the rains stopped too!  

Oh and just in case I hadn't mentioned it....

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