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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Good morning BeYOUtiful!

12th July 2015
Who are you when no one's watching?

Yesterday one of my BeYOUtiful members said something along the lines of reading my blog and my message about being BeYOUtiful had made her feel better about herself and given her the confidence to wear the trousers she'd chosen to wear yesterday.  I love that I've made someone see they're good enough as they are, they already are incredible individuals, gorgeous people. 

For me Weight Watchers is helping people to change their relationship with food, it's not a diet, yes you'll lose weight because you'll start to eat healthier food and be more aware of what you're eating. 

I don't like diets, heck you can't trust a word where the first three letters are DIE!  They don't work, these quick fix diets just don't work.

So for me the best change I've made over the years is to love me, love my body as it is whatever size it is and accept my fabulous!  I've noticed lately the skin on my arms has changed round my batwing area, I'm okay with that, they're my new dimples, I'm putting it down to age, I've decided they can stay whilst they need to.  Hopefully gardening will tone them up a little throughout the summer.  See some things we can change and some things we can't.  What you can't change needs to be accepted and you can change, needs time, there isn't any quick fix to do it!

Think about what you can change and what you need to accept about your body, get some perspective, learn to love it all NOW!  If you're short, have scars, stretch marks, whatever it is, then you can't change those things!  If you have flabby thighs and don't want them, do something about it!

Don't sit there letting your inner nasty bitch give you a hard time, shut her up!  We all have her don't we, she points out your faults, she'll (or he'll) tell you, you're useless, blah, blah, blah.  So she needs shutting the hell up!  I've muted mine a long time ago and my mind is a much happier place now.

Say yes to summer this year, whatever you weigh, get those shorts on, that bikini, sod what anyone thinks you look like, be comfortable, be happy, beYOUtiful!

I haven't always loved me 100% unconditionally but I do now, what others think of me doesn't matter, it's none of my business. I don't need anyone's approval, I love me as I am, I'm always trying to be the best version of me that I possibly can at any given time.  I'm a happy person with a good soul and my life is full of incredible people which is all I need, if they love me, that's all the validation I need!  Yes I like to be liked but it isn't essential, I accepted a long time ago, not everybody will like you!

Decide if you haven't already to BeYOUtiful, to think positively about yourself and your life, if you want to change something then heck do it, if you can't then accept it.  I've accepted it all, some things I probably shouldn't accept, like the fact I'm an untidy madam who needs to tidy up ;) but until it gets to a point where it's bothering me, I'll continue to ignore it!

You know when your brain gets rid of all those negative thoughts about yourself and focuses on the positive, life really does get so much better with a lot less pressure!  I've just actually realised that whilst writing this, I no longer sit thinking those old thoughts such as "my thighs are too fat", I just look in the mirror naked every morning and smile with acceptance, it feels good to have that realisation.  I'm a grey haired 45 year old and I love being me!

How different would your life be if you stopped your inner negative thinking BeYOUtiful?  Think about that and then go have a super Sunday. xx

1 comment:

Karen said...

I am a grey haired 56 year old, not one of your members but a member online and I love reading your daily blogs, they help a lot, to know we are all the same in some ways, having blips, falling down, getting back up again and on and off track. Thankyou for your positive vibes and helpful suggestions and lovely recipes.