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Wednesday, 8 July 2015


8th July 2015
Repeat after me: I am stronger than my challenges & my challenges are making me stronger!

So I'm sleeping like a log and once again could've stayed there this morning for another hour or so, once I'm up and about I'm good so just think it's one of those things, but it could be that my eating habits haven't been the best the last few days, there's been no real thought going into it and the veggies on the plate have disappeared again!  That's always the first thing to go when I get busy or unbothered by the kitchen because a sandwich doesn't require veggies and I've run out of salad so need to nip in a shop. 

Yesterday two of my members achieved their goal, Linda has lost 25lb in 12 weeks! BOOM! She was not messing about, she joined with a plan, had 12 referral vouchers to do it with and did it - I was very impressed.  Next was Barbara, she's took quite a bit longer but you know what, that doesn't matter, it doesn't matter how slow you go and long as you do not stop and she didn't.  Barbara finally tried the Filling & Healthy approach and loved it, it suited her and she's managed to stick to it a treat.

I'm thinking I need to get a little F&H in my days, even if I continue to ProPoint it's the F&H foods that make you feel good, give you the energy you need (& I need this week!)   I need to actually use some of that meat in my freezer!  I've still got that pork mince, I bought low fat babybels to make burgers - I've eaten the babybels though!

Yeah I've not been tracking again, I need a foot up my bum don't I, I can give you lots of reasons (excuses) but the truth is and the only valid reason is that it's just not been important enough to me, I've been too busy doing other things and that's not good.

My heartburn has reared its ugly head again which is a major reason for getting back on track and watching my intake!

So this morning, I'm going to go plan and track those meals I'm eating today.  One of my lovely members bought me a bit of trout yesterday, so I'll cook that for lunch, I'm going to get that pork mince out the freezer, then I've got to cook it!  I might make pork burgers or possibly pork meatballs with tomato sauce, I actually think I'll end up frying the pork with onions and adding a sauce, then serving with spaghetti, that'll be the same flavour without the messing!

Right enough talk about doing it, I'm actually going to DO IT today!  Time to get my mojo going, I've put all this energy into making my garden glorious when now it's time to get my body BeYOUtiful!

How you doing?  You on track or do you need to join me and get back on it.

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