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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Oh I forgot....

22nd July 2015
Let your smile change the world, but don't let the world change your smile.

I enjoyed a day of filling & healthy yesterday, bit of eggy bread for breakfast, gammon steak, jacket and salad for lunch and beans and egg on toast for tea, I also snacked on corn on the cob because I was hungry!

I bought the corn from Sainsbury's it was reduced and I thought mmm just fancy that, I'd gone to Sainsbury's at lunchtime because I needed petrol, so I'd nipped in the shop for something for lunch as you do.  When I was driving back to my meeting at teatime, I looked at my dashboard and guess what, I still needed petrol, I'd forgot to go to get it after coming out the supermarket!  Oh ma'an I have what is commonly know as little brain syndrome if you're a fan of Pooh, however if you want a more 'official' diagnosis, I have googled it and Perimenopausal memory loss or brain fog is recognised as a real thing.  So I'm taking that condition with pride!  Apparently Menopause disrupts the balance of hormones in your body. At the same time, your brain contains oestrogen receptors and is responsive to this hormone, helping your brain function better, aiding memory and verbal fluency. When levels of oestrogen in your body drop, you may suffer unexpected lapses in memory.  Clever ay!

The good news is that these menopausal memory changes are only temporary. Women’s former memory levels usually return after the menopause transition is over. That latter bits not great news for me as I've never honestly had a great memory, my bestie called me Bob for a good year because I have a memory like a goldfish!

Before I went to bed, I knocked moms Orchid off the sideboard, smashing the pot, yeah clumsiness is another symptom, I've googled that too, as is rage which is what followed the dropping of the pot and the dog having an 'accident' in the house!  Short term, none directed at anyone rage can I add!

In truth, I've realised I can blame pretty much anything and everything on the Menopause and hormones, even better, I can play this card for at least the next 20 years!  Mom's blaming everything on dementia, so I'm having the menopause card
;-) I haven't got a husband or kids to blame, so I'll go down this route instead!

Yesterday was going to be one of those days, I should've realised when I was making moms breakfast and the electricity cut out twice and it wouldn't toast her breakfast so I had to use the cooker grill, next I had to go back home to fetch the weekly booklets for the meetings.  At this point I didn't think "Oh it's gonna be a bad day!" I just take these things in my stride.   The petrol thing, the plant pot, the dogs accident was a pretty epic one, think we might be having a visit to the vets at some point if he doesn't improve, then at 10.30 which is already a really late night for me, I realised that 'accident' had made it as far as my bedroom so I had to strip my bed and go searching for clean bedding.  I couldn't get to sleep after all that 'excitement' so I've had less than 5 hours sleep (never a good thing, I likes my sleep I do).  Not to worry, I've drunk a pint of water, I'm about to start my second, then I reckon caffeine is king today. 

I'm having my haircut at lunchtime so I'll get to sit and chill for an hour, I'll eat good and healthy again today, that always helps with energy levels, crumpets for breakfast I think, then at some point I need to cook the salmon in the fridge.

I have a craving for toad in the hole though, so I might have to make that for lunch, I did have a moment of feeling totally blessed yesterday, we'd been talking about the toad in the hole idea and as conversations do it led on to hot dog sausages and whether you can get mini ones, I was assured by Deb you could.  Bless that lady about half hour after I arrived home last night she knocked the door and handed me a tin of mini hot dogs - now that is awesome!  I really appreciate little things like that, shows a lot of thought and actually made my day, made all the memory loss, clumsiness and generally house covered in dog poop fade into insignificance!

Life really is good, I truly am blessed and who needs a functioning short term memory, I have a reminder tool in my phone, that'll do, I'll just learn to put "Get petrol stupid" into it next time.

So here's to a fabulous Wednesday, I can't believe it's Wednesday already, payday this weekend for me, that month has gone scarily fast, but pay day means more plants can be purchased!

Have a mega middle of the week day BeYOUtiful, & whatever happens, smile and wave - it works for me!

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