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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Can't beat a list...

19th July 2015
Things are never happy at the moment of change, but sometimes that unhappiness just means that you're doing something worth doing!

Cracking day yesterday, how fab was that weather and I was lucky enough to get to spend it with epic people from the moment I got out of bed!  Great meeting, followed by a delicious lunch and some good chat with a few of my members and my bestie!  Then I came home to a lovely afternoon with my mom who's always the best company.  Yeah sun shines makes me smile but it's BeYOUtiful people that make my life so fulfilled. 

Mom said I see beauty when I look in the mirror, all my wrinkles, it's just a face and I've earned this face" when we were driving to work on Thursday morning and I just thought that really summed up how we should all see ourselves, you get what you're given and you should love it really shouldn't you, there ain't much you can do about it, that doesn't involve surgery anyways.  Yeah see your BeYOUtiful I say, then you'll always be happy to look in a mirror.

We were talking about holiday yesterday and I have no desire to go anywhere at the moment other than my back garden, then it was pointed out to me that maybe that's because I've already travelled and that's absolutely true.  I've been on a lot of trips, visited a lot of countries and I've fulfilled my wanderlust, now I'm happy to just kick back and chill out with my people :)

In my meetings this week we talked about lots of stuff but one thing was what our Ultimate Weight Watchers Shopping List would look like, those foods you'd put on to make losing weight easier because what you're eating is delicious, healthy and filling you up.  I started a thread in my group last night and this is what they've come up with so far;

WW wholemeal thick slice bread
Fruit & Vegetables
Tinned tomatoes
Baked Beans
Wholewheat pasta
Brown rice
Mayflower curry sauce powder (tastes just like Chinese curry but for 2pp!)
Herbs & Spices
Healthy Cereals such as porridge, shredded wheat, weetabix
5% beef mince
Tinned Tuna
Tinned fruit in juice
Fat Free natural yogurt
Warburton brown thins
Skimmed milk
Lean Beef Steak
Light cheese triangles
Babybel Lights
Colmans sauce mixes
Turkey mince
Gammon steaks
Weight Watcher Yogurts
Warburtons Bagels

I love that chocolate made the 'must have' list because let's be honest there are those foods that we want to eat that by allowing them into our daily diet we are more likely to stick to a weight loss plan.  It's all about the balance and knowing what you can handle having in the house and what you need keeping as far away from you as possible!

If we've missed anything off that list, let me know.

I think I'd add;
Quinoa / Couscous / Lentils and any grains, if you haven't tried them you should!  I love to try new things, enjoyed something called Freekeh the other week, that's a grain.

Maggi so tender papyrus seasoned cooking papers (I love these wrapped round chicken or salmon and cooked in a pan or my George Foreman)

Bachelors Condensed soup to make sauces with.

Tinned sardines/mackeral - high in ProPoints but delicious and healthy

All fresh fish, cod, trout, mmm so healthy and low in ProPoints

Chorizo, high in ProPoints but really adds flavour to food.

Sundried tomatoes, great to add some umph to a meal

Tasty jar sauces for days you just don't want to cook. 

Fish paste, a blast from my childhood, but quite low in ProPoints

And on behalf of my mom, she would add toasted teacake and butter as that's her breakfast every morning, 10pp of keeping her sweet!

So guess what, Weight Watchers website already has a plan friendly shopping list on there, http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/util/art/index_art.aspx?tabnum=1&art_id=49381&sc=3022, I reckon the one my members put together is better :)

Anyway, it's Sunday, hopefully you've got a nice day planned, I have no plans, I think my brothers coming round to help with a garden project but I'm guessing the weather might stop that, we'll see.  Just got a bit of paperwork to get done this morning, then my days my own, who knows what I'll do!

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