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Wednesday, 15 July 2015

Getting busy...

15th July 2015
Everybody isn't gonna love you, most people don't even love themselves!

Well how things can change in the blink of an eye, I had a meeting with my manager on Monday and asked if I'd open my own Saturday meeting and I found myself agreeing as long as I didn't have to travel too far.  My life has changed so much over the last couple of years, I used to go away at weekends but now with mom I can't (and that's okay), I've become a real home bod and I love it.  I'm really enjoying covering the Saturday morning meeting because it fits in well with mom, I don't have to leave her for too long and this new meeting will be a 9am start so I'll leave whilst she's still in bed and be back just has she's walked the dog which is perfect.

My meetings aren't just how I earn my living, they're a great way for me to socialise and interact with others, I'm very fortunate.  Working on a Saturday morning also stops me partaking in too much wine on Friday night, which can only be a good thing :)

As if by fate, I mentioned it in my Tuesday meeting to my members and one of them is a caretaker of a church and offered me that venue, so I'm all sorted, it'll probably be September and it'll be at the United Reform Church at Old Fallings.  I was born in Low Hill, went to Bushbury Hill Junior School and my first Weight Watcher meeting was in Bushbury, so it's like going back to where it all began, really exciting.  Got a busy summer of promoting it now, so I'll be recruiting foot soldiers to help me do that!

I really do have the best job in the world and if you could help share the joy I'd appreciate you liking and sharing this facebook page https://www.facebook.com/pages/Leader-Recruitment-Weight-Watchers/1534104326840591 Also if you're interested go online to http://www.weightwatchers.co.uk/job/MeetingPositions.aspx to find out more, if you apply put my name (Beverley Longsden) as the person who suggested it to you!

So back to the now and I enjoyed a bit of scrambled egg for my brekkie yesterday followed by liver and onions with mash peas and onion gravy for dinner, I need to get some chicken out of the fridge today I think to do kebabs, I just fancy skewers with peppers, mushrooms, onions, courgette, I'll need to nip to Asda this morning if I want tomatoes but yeah I've fancied them for a week so I need to get round to cooking them.

I had a look through the best of F&H cookbook yesterday after a member suggested the Jalfrazi recipe and there's a few things in there I fancy, I think I might be getting my cooking mojo back, can't get in the garden with all this rain so may as well get cooking up a storm!  There's a tasty looking tomato soup recipe in the 5 and under cookbook that a leader friend cooked yesterday and it looked mmm.  Hopefully we'll have more of those in stock soon as they flew out.

Yeah I'm feeling good this morning, this is usually my hormonal hell week, lack of sleep etc, but I'm surviving it.  Now to get the eating under control, I'm not out of control, it just needs tweaking, I lost half pound this week which will do me, as long as it's not going up!

Anyway I've got a day to get on with and so have you BeYOUtiful, the forecast is improving so it should be sunny by the weekend, here's to making our own sunshine until then!

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