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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Saturday, let's have ya!

11th July 2015
The goal is not to be perfect by the end, the goal is to be better today.

Lovely day had yesterday, once the paperwork was done I met Lynne and we did the garden centre then lunch and after saying our goodbye's I went for a massage.  Got home about five and then spend a couple of hours in the garden planting my new purchases, that helped me bring my fitbit up to 10,000 steps by the end of the day and I now have an even prettier front garden.

After my meeting this morning, if it stays dry I plan to spend the afternoon in my back garden, planting up the rest of my pretties and enjoying some peace out there.

I've been having stomach problems again, so this weekend is going to be light meals and trying to work out if it's 'specific' foods causing my problems or quantity of food, I really didn't want to have to resort to medication permanently but it appears as soon as I've finished the course of tablets the doctor gave me to help my stomach heal, it's still not right.

Bought me a new pad to keep track of everything, not just what I eat and drink, but how it makes me feel, will write recipes I make in there too I think so I know where they are if I've enjoyed making them. 

I've still got quite a freezer full of foods and my cupboard has lots of rice, grains, pasta in there so I'm not going to go and do my usual Saturday shop, I'll make do with what I have for now.  I spotted a Birds Eye fish in lemon and dill in the freezer, think we might have that later, I've also got some Weight Watcher Greek style cheese that would be nice in a salad maybe, the salad I will have to buy though as I'm all out of the green stuff.

So I may have mentioned it before, but my bestie has cut out sugar and does she look and sound good, she's telling me she feels so much better for it.  She's not being unrealistic and doesn't know if she'll be able to keep it up forever but so far so good, this is her third week.  And by sugar she means anything that has sugar in the first three ingredients on the packet, so yesterday at lunch that meant no tomato ketchup!  It's a bit extreme but if you feel as sluggish and emotional as she did, it's worth a try because she is really looking and sounding in a much better place! 

A great place to start if you do want to get rid of some of the sugar in your diet is to swap from white to brown, that means your bread, pasta and rice, it all makes a difference. 

I already don't have white foods in my house, I don't eat much in the way of processed stuff and sweet stuff is most definitely a 'treat' thing, once in a blue moon.  We all know I'm not going to be doing the no sugar thing completely though because that would mean no wine, although having said that, red wine ain't so appealing in this weather, I'm enjoying a bottle of becks blue instead.

Anyway, I need to get my stuff sorted, I've got my Wednesfield Wonders to weigh, bring on a sunshiny Saturday.  Let's have ya!

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