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Sunday, 5 July 2015

Enjoying my weekend

5th July 2015
The best way to appreciate someone is to imagine your life without them.

I did have a lovely day yesterday, it started with my Saturday morning meeting where it doesn't even feel like I'm going to work, the helpers there help it run so smoothly, the members make my job so easy, I love it!

After the meeting, I was picked up by two of my very dearest friends and we went for a very long lunch.  True friends can go for ages without seeing each other and just carry on the conversation as if it was yesterday, that's exactly what we did!  We also put a date in the diary for our next meet up so we don't leave it so long - life really does get in the way and we're all so busy.  I can highly recommend the Fox & Anchor at Coven, they do a mean steak and chips! http://www.vintageinn.co.uk/thefoxandanchorcrossgreen/  I haven't really enjoyed a chip for a good while, I'll have them on my plate because I expect to leave them, not yesterday, they were well worth the 15pp they cost me, absolutely delicious and the steak was cooked to perfection!  I've got to admit I even ate the onion rings which I'm normally not a fan of either but yeah they were worth the 6pp too!   

Both ladies I met thanks to Weight Watchers, Vicky and I were members at the same time, 11 years ago now since we met and she'll openly admit she's never been the greatest "WW'er", her love of chocolate has always stopped her getting where she wanted to be, not this time though!  Vicky has realised you can have both, she's doing absolutely brilliantly, even lost weight after a week's holiday!  Yesterday she sat there looking fabulous, after having a personal training session on the morning and going for a run, yes this is a new version of her, 3 years ago we wouldn't have got her to run, her belief was 'dogs run not ladies!'  Now she's moving more, earning Activity ProPoints on her fitbit and forward planning her day, opting for a delicious sea bass dish which only set her back 10pp because she knew she was off to a barbeque later, her plan was to use her ProPoints on Malibu and arrive late enough that she wouldn't need to eat the food there!  I'm super impressed with her dedication and forward thinking!  This time she's getting to gold and I cannot wait to hand over that certificate, I'm so proud!

See if it means enough to you, you'll find a way, you'll make those compromises and resist those temptations.

We were there for a good four hours catching up and reminiscing over past giggles, there's not many better ways to spend a sunny afternoon! 

Once home mom and I sat up  the garden for an hour then went and watched a funny movie about two chaps pretending to be policemen, it was actually full of giggles and a lovely way to end my day.  I've also had a good 9 hours sleep which is the icing on the cake!

So today's Sunday, so I'm thinking garden, if it rains the housework stands a chance ;) but well I'm not holding my breathe of the cleaning thing, although new bedding is called for, so I shall do that workout before going outside.

It's moms birthday tomorrow, she'll be 77, she's just informed me she still has a way to go to her century but she's going for it!  I think that was a bit of a threat ;), then as I went to make her breakfast, I worked out that I would be 68 by then - oh my days, where is my life going!

On that note, I'm going to go and make the most of this day because every day is precious.  Enjoy yours too!

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