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Saturday, 1 August 2020

Hello August

Saturday 1st August 2020 
One day or Day One!  Your choice.

Can you believe it's August already, 146 day's till Christmas, mom's just woke and called out to me which is my little reminder that any plans, goals or dreams I have right now, I have to realise she's got to thought about, she's just walked out of her room and said 'who are you?'

Wasn't it a hot mess of a night, I mean I'm hot at the best of times, but that has got to have been walk for all!  Please tell me it was...

Now you don't realise but I've just been away and come back to help mom get down stairs and sort her out with a cuppa etc, she's just said, 'I wonder if there's anyone in bed here?' It's rubbish dementia is and Alzheimer's ain't no better!  But it's not gonna be Alzheimer August that's for sure, this disease will not destroy us both.  

Well I had a couple of hours with V yesterday whilst mom enjoyed 4 hours with her lovely lady, it was lovely to hear mom laughing as I left the house.  For some unknown reason it seemed a good idea for me & V to go for a 5 mile walk at 1pm on the hottest day of the year!  I've never been so glad for a bottle of water from the Post Office at mile 4, I was so red when I got back, the sweat was rolling out of me, I'm relieved this morning that it was just a hot red and not sunburn (phew).  I know it was hot but I also know if I'd had a little less weight on me, then maybe I wouldn't have been so hot and uncomfortable, that's the universe giving me a sign, from an image / self esteem point of view my weight may not be bothering me but from a health point of view, I need to lose some don't I.  Yes it's hard but not more excuses, my life's difficult whether I eat / drink too much or not, so I might as well be healthier and lose some weight.   Here's the tracker calendar for August, 

And then there's a move more with WW tracking calendar also.  I like this one and think if I can find 30 minutes a day then there's hope for most.  The beauty of the term 'Move More' is it can be any movement at all, a walk round the block, some yoga or exercise in disguise like housework, gardening etc.  Actually mine today if it stays dry will be gardening, I'll hope mom has a snooze, or I'll say I need to go and do some weeding and try and get out and do just that.  My mission is to fill my purple bin for emptying Wednesday with weeds. 

What I did notice the other day when I was cooking was I didn't think about eating or drinking because I was occupied, I spend so much time sitting by the side of mom because I don't want her upset, that I'm not doing anything and it usually ends up with me having something to eat hat's quick and not really thought out.  

Well that all changes next week because I'm back in the real world of work.  I've got to spend some time sorting my stock out ready - we've got a sale on too so I'm hoping to empty that shed by the end of this month selling it all.

I made the effort with my food yesterday, I had half a packet of brown rice in the fridge so using mushrooms, green beans and peppers I made egg fried rice, then later I had trout with salad and that was delicious.  All the good behaviours I had in place that got me to my goal have slowly crept away, my appetite is massive, the meals that Marlie's menu have been delivering are delicious but to hear members and my bestie say, they have been getting two portions of it shocked me because I could eat it twice, so yes my appetite is out of control!   I used to control this by really bulking up on veggies and I need to start doing that again. 

Right then, my mission for August is to get my appetite under control, lots of veggies in my diet, making use of those zero heroes and add a little activity.  What's your mission for the month ahead?

I'm going to have those calendars on my app and every day mark off that I've done what I say I'll do, I might even print them out and blue tack them onto my lovely kitchen cupboard door! 

This virus is on the increase, I'm watching the news, we want to be getting healthy so we can fight it if we catch is, we want to be boosting our immune system, yeah let's do this!

Let's have a cracking good August 1st shall we?  I'm in, are you.  

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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