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Saturday, 9 May 2020

yoga, crochet, eat, sleep - repeat

Saturday 9th May 2020
STOP! Take a deep breathe. (yeah you needed that) now proceed.

A lovely calm day yesterday, she started to turn at sundowning time but I waited it out, stayed calm and used some distraction techniques I'm working on.  I'm getting better at the signals and my reactions.  I guess this 'stay home - stay safe' situation is helping with her condition.

I finished another baby blanket, I enjoyed this one, lovely snuggly baby blue wool,  although my photos don't do the colour or the blanket justice.  This pic of the wool is more what the actual colour is;

 We were spoilt yesterday, the lovely Julie messaged to say she was on her way round with a treat and yay, she made us cakes and scones, we got to have our afternoon tea and it was delicious.   How blessed are we to know such incredible people who do such kind things.

I used those chips that were use by the day before and they were delicious and mom had some too, she loves egg and chips so I was pleased I got her to have a proper meal for a change.  I'm thinking I might try cauliflower cheese today, although not sure if I have any flour at all but I do have some thickening stuff I bought a while ago which will do the same thing.  Yeah cauliflower cheese, mom might eat that too hopefully.  

This was me doing my yoga this morning, Alfie decided to join me as I was standing in Mountain pose!  I manage to work round him and he gives up eventually and moves, yoga's more fun with a dog cuddle half way through anyway.

Another glorious morning out there, I'm going to start it with a sausage sarnie, a virtual workshop and a dog walk if I get get the lazy lump out the door, he's a proper lazy old boy these days, but as he's a poorly boy anyway, he gets to make his own rules these days, the steroids keep him a lot better than he was, although what they're doing to his body long term, well let's not think about it.  As long as he's pain free, that's good enough.

I'm hoping to see lots of members on my virtual workshop this morning, 9.45am, check in from 9.15, this is their chance to come in and have a chat with me and my co hosts about their journey, it can be done in private via the chat box, this zoom is very clever.

I better go wash and dress, cos right now, I'm a bit sweaty from the yoga, oh yeah it does make ya sweat and I can actually feel my stomach muscles today, so it's definitely working on my core too, I love that, I want good posture and a strong core.  Another good nights sleep too, mom got up at half four but I managed to go back to sleep because I know she just goes downstairs and falls asleep in her chair, she's not as agitated when she wakes up in the night like she has been.  She did wake us up an hour later shouting at Alfie for barking, he wasn't he was asleep in my doorway, she'd been dreaming bless her.

Let's all have a good day shall we?  Who's up for that!  it's Saturday after all, the weekend, although in this house, there doesn't seem much difference between weekdays and weekends!

What's on your menu today?

Mwah, luv ya

Love me

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