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Saturday, 16 May 2020

Are you ready for the weekend?

Saturday 16th May 2020
You're a whole lot of lovely - yes, YOU!
Another difficult day with mom yesterday until I asked my sister to come round as she was completely confused about where she was and why, so I took Alfie out at teatime and Anne came to sit with her, for half hour I didn't have to think about anyone else or rush to be anywhere.  I was enjoying my lie down on the green so much, and would you believe it, Alfie starts barking at me to get up and take him home - you couldn't make it up could ya!  Next time I have time out, he ain't coming lol.

I confess, I had wine yesterday, I didn't last till Saturday, I just enjoy a glass and after 3 bad days with mom, well wine sounded better than dinner and thankfully mom slept all night, so hopefully she'll have a much better day today bless her, it's got to be so difficult being inside her head on bad days like she's been having.

I was lazy food wise, but mostly because the longer I was out the room, the worse she was, I defrosted the chicken in honey and mustard sauce and made some mash, quick and easy and I was able to walk away whilst it cooked.

Big shout out to Deb who celebrated 2 years at goal yesterday, this was the shot we took two years ago when did achieved her gold membership.  Such a lovely feeling when you achieve that goal, maintaining it is a whole other business so a huge well done to her and every gold member who's maintaining, especially through Lockdown!

Last chance to join onto our virtual workshop this week, I'm on at 9.45am (from 9.15 for check-ins) we're talking Sleep this week, then tomorrow the technique changes and it's a different conversation all together, but I'm going to be online on Sunday for the first time tomorrow supporting Amy in the Stafford Connect group.

But first today, so in lockdown my Saturday's don't look much different, sort mom, workshop, walk dog, sit and watch tele with mom, crochet, wine, bed lol oh and food of course.  The only things I'm not still doing whilst in lockdown is my weekly massage, I'm impressed that my body isn't in bits, I did have tight shoulders for a couple of days this week, that could be with sitting more or stress from mom, but I did this ten minute yoga routine yesterday and it really helped Yoga for Neck, Shoulders, Upper Back     The other stuff I'm not doing is all work related, loading car with stock, unloading car, in-person workshops, going to the Post Office.  That's about it.  Oh and remember I had decided that once a month I was going to do something with my mates, erm, we did that once for my birthday a curry out and nothing since lol!

I noticed yesterday that a Facebook pal had a Afternoon tea to takeaway from Gluttons in Tettenhall, so I went to look, £17.50 each, erm I'm sorry but for £35 I can put loads of sandwiches and cake in my trolley on my weekly supermarket shop and put together my own afternoon tea, I understand it being that much if you're eating in and their waiting on you, but is it just me that thinks that's a bit steep.  Ooo you could even do a healthy-ish version with WW friendlier cakes, treats and sandwiches.  I like that idea,  We all know when you buy shop made sandwiches there are 'better' options for your points, I know the Tesco garage does a lighter range.   You could have a picnic in the garden with the kids, better still let them make the sandwiches themselves, ahhh jam butties and squash, that was our picnic as kids, we'd go for a long walk and the jam and butter would all be squished together and the sandwiches a complete mess by the time we ate them!  I can barely get mom into the garden for more than ten minutes at the moment, she's always cold, until it's 25-30 degrees outside with no breeze, I don't think I will and it'll probably be too hot for her then lol.

After seeing my sister for a bit last night, she was so much better, she's bored out of her brains isn't she.  I am not the best company!

Anyway, I'm proper waffling this morning ain't I, but I want a picnic now, that's for sure, ooo maybe when we're back in workshops, we could have an indoor picnic (aka coffee morning) and raise some money for charity on Saturday morning, that would be lovely.  I don't have miss having the banter in person.  I loved having the banter with Tracey on a virtual this week, it was almost like being in a workshop, she sits right by where I stand and I can touch her on a Saturday, obviously I couldn't do that Wednesday night but I know she was okay with me teasing her.

Right I'm going, I'm gonna go get me another mug of tea because that one was epic, I'll see if Alfie wants to walk before or after my workshop, looking at him, I'm guessing after!

Here's to a great weekend, however you plan to spend it, remember to stay distant from those around you because when I was out walking the dog yesterday, some people just don't seem to understand or care, not sure which so I'm having to be vigilant and making sure I keep my distance.  Alfie wanted to walk along the canal but I wouldn't because it's impossible to social distance on a tow path that's only 4ft wide in places!  It also appeared to be busier than it usually would be, so nah, for now I'll stick to the estate.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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