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Friday, 22 May 2020

Friday again!

Friday 22nd May 2020
So far you've survived 100% of your worst days.

Well the rains cooled it down and freshened up the air this morning here, I'm going to enjoy a chilled out day with mom hopefully, I've just enjoyed an hours yoga, day 17 of the 30 days of home yoga with Adriene and then I did a half hour yoga for the feet, I enjoyed that one, got a foot massage in the bargain, albeit done by myself but hey, needs must.  I'm gonna have a sausage bap for breakfast, I've been told the Richmond meat free ones are amazing, so I'll let you know.  They can't be worse than this stuff was yesterday, Smoky Vacon rashers, yak and repeated on me, even though I only ate a bit because it was horrible.  Shame really because their burgers were bang on, hey ho, don't try don't know.  But then again the sausages might have to wait as I need to look at use by dates on other stuff. 

No workshops today, my day off in theory but I might do some work this morning if mom snoozes, I've got to get next weeks notes sorted before Sunday as I'm support on Sunday.

This weeks workshops have been interesting and they've encouraged me to drink more water for sure, I've already drunk my morning pint and I'd almost drunk a pint in the night as I woke up a lot and every time I wake up I usually have a sip or two of water.

I'm that chilled from my yoga my heads empty of things to say, I'm sat here at my desk, crossed legs - that's not a new thing, I've always sat like a little yogi at my desk, healthy and safety used to tell me off all the time for it when I worked in an office - looking out the window and watching the clouds roll over, quite quickly actually,

Yeah can't see me getting much done today other than crochet and tele, hoping moms in a manageable mood!  But you never know, after I've walked Alfie, I might have a burst of energy and get stuff done, we shall see.

I can't believe it's a bank holiday weekend, all these weeks are blurring into each other, we used to go away a lot in May when I was an office worker, because I'd have the bank holidays and have to use less of my annual leave allowance, the good old days, when I used to have holidays lol, actually for now it's the same for all of us isn't it, quite bizarre seeing people putting posts of where they would've been going on holiday, thankfully they've got their money back at least.

Right, here's to enjoying the day knowing it is a bank holiday weekend and treating it as such, weather forecast is good for Sunday and Monday so you can enjoy it in the garden hopefully!  I'm gonna have to go because I can see from the camera, moms in need of company before she goes to the dark place.

Enjoy your day, make sure you take a little time out for yourself, my yoga is mine and my dog walk, even when it's not very long or we don't go very far!  If you're struggling to stay within your SmartPoints and be a perfect WWer, do the best you can, make wiser choices and give yourself a break.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me

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