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Friday, 15 May 2020

Got so many spuds!

Friday 15th March 2020
Every morning you have two choices: sleep with your dreams or wake up and chase them.

Mom's had a dreadful night, really confused, going home at midnight, not staying here anymore, angry, confusion - happy days.  But it's morning now and we get to direct the day, I've had some sleep so it's all good.

I'm sat drinking a mug of tea after enjoying half hour of yoga and I've just eaten an apple (yeah who am I!). Yesterday wasn't as good a day as the previous three, I didn't roll over any points but I did enjoy all this fruit for breakfast.

All this veg for lunch, Alfie helped me eat the steak, I'm over red meat for a bit, I'm enjoying eating other stuff.

I had a ham and cheese coleslaw sandwich not long before we went to bed, I'd spent hours trying to decide what I wanted, couldn't be bothered to cook because I didn't know what I wanted, it did the job though, I had a WW red berry bar too, they're lush.  Then went to bed about half 9 and like I say, I  got a couple of hours before she starting kicking off, it's been a while since we had an outburst like that so I can't complain, bless her xx

Anyway, I have loads of spuds I need to use, this weekend will be mostly be potato based, so I asked people yesterday what was their favourite way to cook spuds, I think mines Mash, it just tops French fries by a whisker, I do love all kinds of chips but fries are my favourite, you can't beat a portion of maccy d fries with a sweet chilli sauce, nom nom.  The Co-op skinny fries are a good substitute I have to say.

How well do you know your spuds?  Here's a little quiz just for fun -

Which of these is not related to the potato?

To which continent is the potato native?
South America
North America

What is the name for a potato-stuffed pastry?

Which of these pastas is made with potato flour?

Which of these is a relative of the sweet potato?
morning glory

To which continent is the yam native?
South America

You'll find the answers here https://wwbevsworld.blogspot.com/2020/05/potato-answer.html 

Now to decide how to eat them myself, I'm thinking WW chilli and wedges today possibly, or I could defrost a chicken in honey & mustard sauce and have it with mash, that'd get some space in the freezer so possibly.  Mmm, decisions decisions.  Potatoes are good in a frittata too, oh I have those veggie burgers so maybe that and chips.

I've got today off so I might potter in the kitchen and have a play, then I'm on virtual workshop in the morning as usual at 9.45am and I'm also supporting on Sunday 10am in the Stafford connect group on the app, really looking forward to seeing another coach do her thing and also meeting lots of new people.  It'll start my Sunday off positively and that'll keep me on track hopefully.  It'll also stop me drinking too much on Saturday lol.

We're talking sleep this week and here's a good article to read Sleep better when stressed

Sunday will be a different subject, I'm not gonna tell ya, you can log on next week and find out lol.

Anyway, the sun is out, the sky is blue, I'm ready for my day, how about you?  That rhymes by the way, sing it, go on, you know you want to.

I've just checked the camera in the living room and bless her she's fell asleep in her chair!  I'm not surprised, she must be exhausted, I listened to her sorting through her drawers at the side of her bed for ages, she kicked me out of her bedroom when I tried to calm her down.  It's a cruel disease for sure.

We'll have a chilled day, I'll continue with the crochet granny blanket I'm doing for a friend, try and find something to engage her with on the tele, she enjoyed Afterlife 2 the other day, she was okay with the first couple of episodes of Brassic but then got distracted.  I want a funny film, we enjoyed Stuber and she even enjoyed Dora and the Lost City of Gold although she took that a little seriously for a kids film lol.   So any suggestions let me know.

Here's to a very great day, it's Friday YAY!

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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