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Wednesday, 20 May 2020

Mid week walkies

Wednesday 20th May 2020
Be grateful for small things, big things and everything in between.
Yesterday I had a lovely message from someone who had read my blog and was worried that I sounded really down. The truth is I'm okay, honest I am - when I'm really struggling, I stop talking about it and that's what you should look out for in your loved ones! Lockdown is hard for so many, actually life without lockdown comes with it's own challenges doesn't it.  Please pay attention and notice those friends that have gone quiet, I'm lucky because I'm open about what's happening in my world, I'm loud and I don't worry about being judged, I'm happy to share, I'm an open book, but not everyone is. Be aware and take care of you & those you love xx. I'm touched that people care, I've had another message this morning but honestly I'm good, surprisingly so actually, to say I've been locked up for 2 months with mom, but I promise if and when I'm not I will ask for help. 

Now to tell you all about my exciting life - NOT, lol.  Yesterday Alfie went to the vets, they took swabs and X-rays and biopsy's etc and they'll get the results back to me as soon as the can but at the moment it's taking up to 5 days because of lockdown, bless him he's sleeping behind me on the floor right now, he hasn't managed to eat since yesterday, I got him to eat a little bit of dog pate last night which helped me get a painkiller into him.  Here's hoping it's treatable, apparently a dog can manage without 1/3rd of his tongue - I bloody hope he doesn't have to! 

Thanks to my members using my online commission code I7IA5I when ordering from the WW online shop, I'll have enough money in my wages this month to treat myself to some nice food (it's my one true pleasure these days - I'm not embarrassed to admit that) and how excited was I to finally get a online delivery from Waitrose for next Tuesday, I'll be treating myself to a few things, not loads obviously but I have favourites from there that I can't get any where else, it doesn't work out any more expensive than shopping anywhere else when you're only feeding one, they £10 meal deal - two mains and two sides does me for 6 meals usually as I have the sides as a main ;) and then they do a 3 for £10 offer too which have some delicious choices.  

This was my treat for this week from M&S, I'm so lucky to have people doing my shopping for me when I can't get to these stores.  Southern Fried Wholefry chicken £7 and 9SP a 1/4 working from the nutritional info, so that 36SP total but there's two chicken breasts in there so that's 4SP I'd take off being on Blue (I know making my own rules up as I go along but I'm a member too not just a coach) there was also the soggy coating on the underside that the fox thanked me for so that's a few more points that weren't eaten.  It was delicious though, sadly I'd hoped to share it with Alfie but he just couldn't be tempted, I'd diced the pieces really small, so again either the fox or the cat which ever got there first was very impressed!  I've got a bit left to make a cob with this morning nom nom. 

Mom had a mixed day, my sister sat with her whilst I worked which was so good, it's so much better working without having to worry about her.  Vicky sat on the front garden and chatted to us which broke up the day, mom didn't stay and talk for long but she still enjoyed it, she likes V and told me over and over again for a good hour after she'd gone.  She likes that V talks to her as well as me đź’• see she still notices these things!  Later on though once she started sundowning, oh my days, we had quite the evening, she wasn't sleeping in that 'attic' I'd made her sleep in the night before, it took me ages to convince her I hadn't, I even went and took photos of her bedroom and the view from her window.  She then spent ages talking about when she tried to commit suicide as a teenager, my dads death, my miscarriage and all the other really miserable crap that happened in her life, I so wished she'd focus on the good things that have happened.

She's woke up this morning apologising for treating me like shit and saying she doesn't want to ruin my life too but tried to explain that she thinks about ways to die, not because she's suicidal but because she's scared all the time and doesn't know why.  You wouldn't want to be in that head would you!  I know this Covid-19 is a dreadful disease but so is Alzheimers and many other cruel diseases.  

I'm going for a walk today with my mate, how fab is that!  Yeah FREEDOM lol, then I've got the workshop tonight to look forward too, they're getting better and better, yesterday mornings was great, I love that I'm meeting members I haven't seen before, I know I've said that before but its true, for someone who's a little anti social in my personal life, I love meeting people in the WW world.

Right, I'm going to go get washed and dressed because yoga was a bit sweaty this morning, then I'm gonna see if Alfie is up for a walk, just checked on mom, she's snoozing in her chair. Oh how about that, he must be psychic because he's stood up and is staring, that means walks.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love xx

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