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Saturday, 2 May 2020

It's Saturday, in case you weren't sure!

Saturday 2nd May 2020 
Without struggle there is no progress
I had a very productive morning yesterday as mom slept till noon, I've paid for it through the night though as she couldn't sleep, I was struggling to sleep too, so she's been up since 3am but it's all good, I've done some yoga for the upper back and I'm feeling good again. I'm working this morning on a Virtual Workshop (9.45am, Wolverhampton group) but then I can take my time to do everything else at my own pace over the weekend.

The letters that are coming in for mom were a life saver last night, she was just about to go to her dark place when I distracted her with them, yeah she then proceeded to read them really loud to me so I couldn't watch the tele, but that's a better option than her throwing a wobbly.

I cooked yesterday too, I know chicken thighs are higher than breasts but on green it's worth the difference I think! Well maybe not but they were only £3 and now and again as a treat they're delicious. I just cooked them with some onions, mushrooms and a little vermouth, and seasoning.

I think I'll take a curry out the freezer today or sweet and sour, or both then I can have one today and one tomorrow. OR I could make the carbonara I bought the ingredients for. Decisions, decisions. I'm being better for sure, although Sheila bought mom a bag of sweets yesterday and guess who can't eat sweets because she has hardly any teeth, but guess who also absolutely adores swizzles and refreshers etc, yeah so that's another day I wasn't in my points budget - hey ho, another day, another opportunity.

It's going to be a dry day today I think, I have 200 sunflower seeds to plant! I thought it was a good idea to order some, I'm thinking just shove em in the garden and hope for the best, I don't have the pots, soil or patience to pot them up and do all that malarkey, worse case scenario, they don't grow at all or they become snail food! If however I get a handful growing in the front garden for mom to appreciate that'll be fab.

It's lovely to see some sunshine this morning, long may it continue, I'm feeling really positive at the moment, I'm so glad I forced myself to do yoga, it might have been difficult to get out of bed at first, even this morning, I thought about having an extra hour, but managed to drag myself out and it's done the trick. Any time I've done any of these workout things, I'm clock watching but at the moment, I'm just enjoying the experience and being present. I did a shorter 25 minutes on this morning, but I have a 40 minute on planned for tomorrow.

I'm just off to get ready for my workshop, if you know anyone who's struggling and needs some support right now and they're not a WW members, there's a couple more Open House virtual workshops this morning for them to go and try out. Share this info with them.

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Saturday 2nd May - 9am and 10:30am

I've loved seeing some faces this week that I haven't seen since lockdown, it's great that members are getting some kind of routine and prioritising themselves and their health.

Here's to a great day, look forward to seeing some of you in a bit.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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