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Sunday, 3 May 2020

Make May Matter

Sunday 3rd May 2020
May I be safe, May I be happy, May I be healthy

I've just thoroughly enjoyed 40 minutes beginners yoga with Adriene  I had Alfie lying on the side of the mat, then 5 minutes in mom got up and came and sat in the chair next to me too, she fell asleep though whilst I was doing it.   She's just woke up over an hour later, bless her, no wonder she doesn't sleep at night, she sleeps all day instead, bless her heart.

I know I keep saying it but I loved the virtual workshop again yesterday morning, we ran over because we were having a giggle, I really did enjoy it though, like a member said on connect afterwards, it's like having friends round for coffee and a chat, so true.  We didn't just have local members either, we had them from as far as North Wales and Cheshire, that's the beauty of the virtual, distance doesn't matter and I also love that I get to see my Coach buddies too.  I got to meet a lady who shared my name, she'd found me through Facebook, how lovely is that, that technology gives us the opportunity to meet people when we usually only read things they post on social media. 

The rest of the day was calm, mom was a little frosty when I first came down but thanks to my new found inner calm (thank you yoga!) I'm able to handle it rather than let it set my nerves on edge and I wait for her to come round.  I let her read the newspapers to me and her letters and if I'm watching something on tv, I just tell myself I can rewind it if I'm really that bothered.  I'm in a good place for sure.

Foodwise, not too bad either, probably still over my points most days but eating healthily (other than those damn sweets, which thankfully have now gone) so all that's in my house is once again good for me, apart from moms goodies, but I'm pretty good at resisting them.

Breakfast yesterday was a bacon, egg and mushroom sarnie and dinner was a beef curry from the freezer with a jacket potato.  Pasta today, I've decided, I'm going to do the Carbonara that was in a WW email (23rd April) see the link, I've got my WW Lentil Spaghetti from the WW online shop to use (don't forget if you order use my code I7IA5I, they're capital I's not ones)

Just seen this - WOW Bargain! It won't last long, get on the website https://www.weightwatchersshop.co.uk/strawberry-granola and get yours now! Use my code I7IA5I so I get my commission and you get a freebie, it's 2 packets of popcorn this week I think.

I've treated myself to a few things this week too, the new honey and mustard dressing, those Carmel clusters OH MY they're good.  I've also ordered the meal planner, I'm hoping it'll encourage me to start planning a little more, that'll help me with my weekly shop.  If I've learned anything this lockdown, it's that I can survive without going shopping more than once a week. 

Anyway, this isn't an advertisement for WW products, so back to my world, if you're gonna be bored by me, it may as well be about my life lol.  I'm looking forward to my dinner now though.  I'll have a light breakfast, some scrambled eggs maybe, or an egg roll with mushrooms inside to use those up.  I'm getting better at using stuff up as well.  I'm also going to do a risotto this week, I had the recipe from the Daily Mail WW pull out, it looks delicious, I've just found it on their website for you https://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/food/article-8242327/Have-lighter-lockdown-Deliciously-healthy-WW-recipes-help-lose-stone-summer.html Red Pepper risotto, nom nom.

I do feel relaxed, good and positive, I've actually enjoyed taking about stress eating and stress in general this week in the workshops because it's made me think about how to de-stress, what I can do to counteract the stressful situations.  I've realised not looking at my phone as much is helping and I love my phone!  I turned off notifications, especially from work stuff, then I can choose my hours, even more important whilst in lockdown because all the days and hours merge together.  It's why I only ever do 'work' stuff in my office, yes I probably could sit in the living room and do the virtual workshops but I don't want to, I want to keep that work / life balance in place that I've worked so hard to achieve. 

I think I'm going to give the kitchen a good clean this morning, and sweep and mom all the floors, trying to decide which hoover I need to buy now Henry has blown up!  I want some light for sure, he's a heavy little chap Henry is.   But first a walk, hopefully Alfie will be in the mood and actually go further than the green over the road - he's a little lazy lump right now, the steroids aren't helping him at all.  

Once again thank you for the letters moms received, she is enjoying them, she had a lovely one yesterday from Summer (aged 13) mom read that one over and over because it was handwritten and also pushed through our door like a proper letter, just delightful and I'm so thankful to everyone for caring enough to do it.  It's helping to realise everyone is in the same situation, they are both frustrated and also thankful.

Okay, I can hear her mooching around downstairs so I better go and see if she's okay.  Ooo if I'm cleaning the kitchen I might video the cooking of the carbonara and post it on Facebook.  We'll see how mom is later on, I'm sure we can smudge it.  

Here's to enjoying another Sunday in lockdown, being thankful for being healthy and staying safe.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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