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Thursday, 13 February 2020

Lost your mojo?

Thursday 13th February 2020
We fall, we break, we fail. But then, we rise, we heal, we overcome.

Well I've woke up with a stonking headache and a crick in my neck - yay to sleeping upright. It's going to be a great day!  I've took painkillers, they'll kick in then I'll have a big mug of tea and it'll all be okay, by the time I get to work, I won't have time to think about how I feel and the day will fly past, I'll see lots of lovely faces and we'll have that great day I've just forecast. 

Self Fulfilling Prophecy.

What's that mean?  Have you ever made a prediction about something in your life that came true?  You may not believe yourself to be a fortuneteller, but you’ve likely found that you can sometimes be surprisingly accurate in your predictions.  For instance, you might predict that a project you are working on will turn out really well, and you feel confident in your ability to foresee the future when your hard work pays off and your project is received positively.

Alternatively, you might expect that you're going to have a terrible week on your WW plan because you have a few nights out planned, so you feel no surprise when you gain weight after overeating at every opportunity not just the nights out. 

Although you could take these instances as evidence that you know yourself and your abilities quite well (and this can be true), you might not think about the effects your expectations have on your behaviour.
When our beliefs and expectations influence our behaviour at the subconscious level, we are enacting what is known as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Self-fulfilling prophecy is defined as any expectation, positive or negative, about a situation or event that affects an individual behaviour in such a manner that it causes that expectation to be fulfilled.

It seems quite a few of you out there have lost your mojo or feel there heads just not in the right place right now, so how do we stop this becoming a self-fulfilling prophecy?   Start with where you are, ask yourself what are you already doing thats helping because there will be something!   Are you still having skimmed milk in your tea, low fat spread, maybe you're eating your 5 portions of fruit and veg or drinking 2 litres of fluid.  I promise they'll be something you are still doing that's good for you.

Next ask yourself what can you do right now to help, could you eat a healthy breakfast, or maybe plan a healthy tea for tonight.  What about writing a shopping list and including some of the zero heroes you know help. 

You could get off the self-pity wagon?  I know that vehicle well, the seats are so comfortable, I nearly jumped aboard last night, mom had refused to have Anne come round and sit with her so I'd kept my eye on her with the camera, she seemed okay, then as I pulled on my drive, my sister was at the front door apparently mom had just called her saying she'd been on her own all day not had a drink or anything to eat.  She'd been alone 4 hours, I'd left her with a cuppa and a sandwich but she'd forgotten all that obviously, I walked into hell, her face was like thunder and instead of relaxing before I went to bed I had an hour of uncomfortable atmosphere.  Yay, it would've been easy to jump on that wagon but I just kept telling myself she'll be okay again in the morning.  It's exhausting Alzheimers is, truly exhausting but every morning I try to forget the day before and start the day believing today she won't sundown and we'll have a great day.  I'd rather be hopeful what can I say.

So come on give your head a wobble if you're struggling and start small, what can you do today that isn't going to be too difficult for you to follow through.

Go check yourself in the mirror and say 'This is my time. it's going to be a great day.

We got this!

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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