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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Feeling Fabulous in February

Saturday 1st February 2020
Happiness is the new rich.

It's February!  YAY!  Let's work on feeling fabulous this month, we're over the bulk of winter and springs getting closer every day so let's start working on putting a spring in our step.

I ended January on a high, my morning was spent enjoying a massage with a facial thrown in, another gifted by one my lovely friends.  I came home and enjoyed a soak in the bath, before walking Alfie.  Then V picked me up around 5 and I had a lovely meal out with my besties, I needed those few hours so much and I'm beyond grateful to my sister for sitting with mom so I could go.  We had a lovely time, Vicky had decorated my table and got balloons which made it even more special.

The food was delicious,

That is a thing of beauty, everything I love on one plate chicken wings and tandoori - doesn't get any better. 

Now after this, I'm going to have to experiment, that bottom green was delicious, V said it had the consistency of wallpaper paste! But when we asked it was made with pureed apple, a bit of mango and mint, it was tasty anyways.

They even bought me cake out and sang, luckily I'm not a chocolate cake fan so managed to resist that, the girls helped me out though, I enjoyed an Irish coffee instead.  

Just wonderful to catch up, have a giggle and enjoy each others company, I forgot how much I missed them and how important it is to have human contact.  I'm going to make sure I try to get out at least once a month.  

I asked to order some takeaway and we laughed when the young girl walked over with her pad and a look of shock on her face, and said, 'You want to order food', I think they were all a little shocked at the amount of food we ordered because it was commented on a few times, but I thought we were quite tame if I'm honest, we've ordered more in days gone by.  I would definitely recommend the place, it came recommended and they weren't wrong. http://www.indigocuisine.co.uk and the starters we had which were lush were; 

Tandoori Temptations (for 2) - chicken tikka, tandoori chicken wings, lamb tikka and seekh kebab on a bed of fried onions (those onions were off the scale delicious!) 
Chilli Paneer A blend of creamy Indian cheese with mild chillies.
Onion Bhaji - Onion strands in a spicy batter mix, deep fried until crisp.
Chicken Chat Puri - Chicken accompanied with chick peas, onions and a selection of herbs and spices served in a deep fried puri bread.

Of course we'd had the popadoms, they bring them out with tasters of some of the sauces they use in their mains which is such a great idea, I loved the North Indian Garlic one, mmm

Then for main V had Tandoori salmon I think, it was definitely salmon, Lynne had Nepali Dishes
A Nepalese dish consisting of a mixture of peppers, tomatoes, coriander and dried fenugreek blended in a thick sauce which I tasted and it was really good.   And I think I had 
Kabuli - This is a highly flavoursome dish, cooked with seasoned chick peas, bhuna onions, ginger and spring onions providing a delicious taste to our cuisine.

I say think because I asked the waiter for his recommendation and after he asked me what sort of things I liked and I said the ingredients, he said, 'that pretty much covers everything on our menu' lol, which pretty much explains my problem, I loves food but I wanted to try something new that I hadn't had before.

I also asked for a side of cauliflower bhaji which didn't look how it would when I've had it before, but was still tasty.

The garlic rice we ordered was so good and so were the garlic naan and onion kulcha with spiced onions.

Damn I love food!  Well now you've shared in my evening, let's get on to todays challenge.

Ooo what shall we start with?  I want these things to be doable, not just about 'dieting' but to lift our spirits and make us feel uplifted so I'm starting with music.  When I was chatting with Nat on Thursday she said she always starts her day listening to music because it makes her feel good.  Today, turn on your music, have a sing and/or a dance, you could even make a 'feel fabulous' play list ready for those days you need that extra oomph to get you going.

What would be on your playlist?  Great way to take your mind of food and other stuff, sitting going through music to do a playlist, if you need help go on Pinterest and type in feel fabulous playlist, it'll give you lots of links.

Here's to it being a great day.

mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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