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Friday, 14 February 2020

Eat like you love yourself

Friday 14th February 2020
Eat like you love yourself

Happy Valentines Day x

Today's challenge is to eat like you love yourself!  I did this yesterday and felt completely different.  Lately in a morning I've just been grabbing stuff but yesterday as I stood in the kitchen thinking I might have some yogurt with honey because the honey should be good for my throat and yogurts good for everything, I then spotted the yellow melon that had been sat there for weeks and thought to myself, if my mom said, 'Bev, I'd love a bit of melon', I'd reply, 'no probs mom, give me a couple of minutes and I'll chop you some', which made me realise I'm willing to do things for her I'm not doing for myself, well I'm just as important as are you.  It's time to treat ourselves with as much love and care as we do those we love the most.  

It continued throughout the day, even though I had so much to do, the dementia nurse coming to see mom on the afternoon, I took an hour out of my day and cooked some food, I made the chicken cacciatore from the WW freestyle book and I knocked a lasagne together using the new WW lentil pasta sheets which are good, 50g is 4SP.  I kept it simple as I was rushed and just used the 5% beef mince, an oxo, some onion.  Then made my white sauce as I always do 450ml skimmed milk, 40g low fat spread, 40g plain flour in a pan and stir till it boils and thickens.  Used a little parmesan on the top and ta da cooked.

Chicken Cacciatore 

My beef lasagne 

The nurse visit gave me hope, she was wonderful, unlike other visits we've had from experts she could see behind the facade and took me in kitchen to make a drink so she could ask me how it really was.  She's going to arrange for someone to visit from Brocklands and said she will ask for an afternoon visit as she can see that's when mom will start to be aggressive.  Apparently there is possibly medication that can help with this which would be amazing.  I also had a call from my carer support workers, she left a message on my phone saying she'd had approval for mom to have 4 hours a week at home respite, now to hope mom will agree to that when it happens.  And they say it comes in threes and my wonderful sister had a brilliant idea yesterday, she said she'd been thinking about how mom 'sorts' stuff all the time and thought we could use that to keep her busy, with buttons or beads or similar, well I said I have loads of coins in my office I can tip out the bags they're in and that kept her busy for a few hours.  She had a really good day yesterday with both myself and my sister, it was only the last 10 minutes of the day getting her into bed where she went a bit off, but hey that's amazing.  

I've slept till half seven proving my body still needs rest and today is going to be a great day! 

Remember let's start eating like we love ourselves, healthy eating and our weight loss journey isn't a punishment, it's a gift we're giving to ourselves to make us feel better in ourselves, give us more energy and enthusiasm for life. 

Let's do this, IT IS going to be a great day. xx

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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