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Sunday, 9 February 2020

I miss mom hugs

Sunday 9th February 2020
You are worth the quiet moment.  You are worth the deeper breath.  You are worth the times it takes to slow down, be still, and rest.

My memory sucks, those close to me know this, long term, short term, it all sucks, I've always said it was a side effect of my medication but at least medication stops me having seizures so it's worth the trade off!  

One thing I've never forgot though is being poorly as a kid and mom sleeping downstairs on the settee with me when I had tonsillitis, she always made me feel better even when I felt so poorly.  Yesterday I felt so poorly, flu like symptoms, aching all over, the works and all I wanted was a hug from my mom but she wasn't in there, it was the 'me me me' dementia version of her that isn't very nice and sitting here thinking about it makes me sad, but I won't cry cos that will make me feel even crapper than I already do with my blocked nose, achy joints, cough which is making my ribs hurt, laryngitis, on a positive, I think the white flecks have gone of my tonsils but to be honest until it lightens up I can't really see that well down my throat.  Me dramatic, I won't have it said! 

The only thing I did do yesterday as try the chicken garden mint kebab again but with breast instead of thigh and it wasn't a good.  It wasn't just that the meat wasn't as succulent, there wasn't as much mint flavour in it either, so it's all about how many points you're willing to spend.

Chicken breast (zero on blue/purple, 6SP on green) garden mint marinade 6SP. 

Chicken thighs 26SP, garden mint marinade 6SP. 

Just gives you an idea of how many points in the chippy ones because round here they give you so much meat it's ridiculous. 

Anyway, today I plan to do not much of anything other than rest, I can't feel fabulous in February if I'm ill so I need to rest and recover.  I did suggest yesterday that you did something crafty, but I think you know you better than I do, so what do you need to work on today?  What would help you move towards feeling fab?

Here's to making your day great. 

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx

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