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Thursday, 6 February 2020

Oh I need a cuppa

Thursday 6th February 2020
Don't wait for the opportunity - create it.

Well my darling dog woke me up at 4am to go up the garden, in fairness he had seen and heard a huge fox trotting round and when I finally let him out, he did the longest wee ever!  Just saying lol, cos I like to share everything that goes on in my world don't I!

The upside to that is I've caught up on my work and it all balance - hurrah, my head cold has fully kicked in though, I have a lovely runny nose and a general feeling of roughness but a hot mug of tea and a couple of paracetamol and I'll be good to go.

After my lovely lie in yesterday I pottered all morning, I sorted out all my stock in my shed, then had a go in the kitchen before cooking this fakeaway for my lunch, once again the star of the plate was the veggies, I fried onions and peppers in a tablespoon of oil, worth every point of the 4SP used, it served 3 people too.  The cauliflower rice was roasted in the oven, makes it taste so much better for sure.  The tandoori chicken was lacking something, and I overcooked it trying to get it to dry off a bit, note to self next time, finish it off under the grill although I won't use the kit I used this time again.  It was a spice tailor which I normally really rate, on this occasion I didn't.

I had a delivery from Morrisons (not sure I will again) I'm testing different ones out again, the upside of them though is the WW wraps for 3SP and the coleslaw mix which you can add your own light mayonnaise instead of theirs, I really enjoyed this for my tea with a babybel light. 

 I ordered a wonky veg box, not sure I agree it's worth £3.50 or that the ratio was good,

The leeks there are past their best, they are the smallest parsnips I've ever seen so there needed to be more than 3 tiny ones, the cabbage isn't very big or very fresh either.  But there's plenty of carrots!   Worth trying though, shame really because the idea is great.

Right what can be today's challenge to feel fabulous in February, mmm, as it's my stupid long day and I'm not feeling 100% I need to make it easy.  Food, yeah let's make it food based, cook or plan to cook a new recipe this week some time, something you've not tried before or something you haven't eaten in a very long time, get creative, think outside the box, maybe focus on your zero heroes as that's what we're talking about in workshops.

I need to use those veggies about if you have any ideas! Mmm might make a chicken and leek casserole actually, ooo I could put them in the slow cooker and leave it to do its thing, I have a can of bachelors condensed soup I could use as the sauce. We shall see, I'm actually feeling the need for chicken soup, it's good for the soul apparently!

Okay, I'm off to get me that cuppa, here to a great day, you got this.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me x

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