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Saturday, 8 February 2020

Let's make the most of the weekend

Saturday 8th February
You already have what it takes.

Feeling a little better today thankfully so hopefully I'm over the worst of it (fingers x'd).  Looking forward to a weekend of relaxing after my workshop this morning, especially with working yesterday when I don't usually, Alfie was good, got to go back in a month for another check up and continue his medication.  The area meeting was good once we found the venue and I didn't succumb to the biscuits thanks to Elle telling me I didn't need a jammy dodger, I also didn't eat the crisps she'd bought me, my sandwich was plenty.  I also managed to drive past the takeaway temptation on my way home because I knew I'd prepped this before leaving for work and was really looking forward to it.

So simple to throw together, the Flava-It garden mint marinade is 6P a packet, put it on your chicken or a minimum of 10 minutes, I did leave it all day though as I was going out.  Then I put 3 wooden skewers in a large onion that I'd sliced in half and push each chicken piece onto the 3 skewers pressing down.  Pop in oven and cook for about an hour on 180 fan / gas 4 or until you know it's cooked, everyones ovens different.  

I really enjoyed mine with WW wrap and salad, if I'd had some pitta and cabbage or coleslaw mix it would've been as good as a kebab from the chippy because I always put mint and lemon on mine anyway.

Have you tried anything new yet or even planned too, I'm so glad I did this, it didn't take very long at all to put together, yes I used chicken thighs and the 600g was 26SP but you could use breast to lower the points.  Actually I'm going to try that today to compare and see if it is all in my head that thighs are that much better!

Mmm today's challenge, well it's Saturday so most people aren't at work (sorry to those that are) but your mission should you choice to accept it is to get a bit of fresh air, not sure of the forecast but hey we're not made of sugar we won't melt.  You don't have to be out there for ages, go for a 20 minute walk round the block, do anything that gets you outside, get some much needed vitamin D after the long grey winter we're having. 

Now tomorrows challenge is to do something relaxing, maybe a bit of crafting, cooking, I'm going to try and get mom to do some colouring with me. If you want you can switch today's with tomorrow if that's easy but basically this weekend is about realising there can be so much more to the weekend than food and alcohol and chores!  Let me know what you get up too.  

I'm going to try and finish the border on my latest blanket, it's a little more intricate than my usual border and I don't have a pattern just a photo of a blanket I saw that I liked, so I'm trying to work out the stitches they used, this is exercising my brain too which is important.

Right I'm off, need that cuppa, looking forward to my morning and to giving my dog a good walk today, hopefully it will be dry and he'll be in the mood.  

Mwah, luv ya, here's to a great day. 

Love me xx

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