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Monday, 3 February 2020

How difficult can it be?

Monday 3rd February 2020
Starve your distractions - feed your focus

Monday morning, day 3 of feel fabulous in February.  Now so far has been pretty easy, if you've missed one, I asked you to listen to some music Saturday, maybe make yourself a playlist because music is good for the soul.  Yesterday I asked you what your WHY was, why do you want to be healthier?  Easy enough question! 

Today, I want you to TRACK everything, the good, the bad and the outright ugly, depending on how fabulous you want to be this month will depend on whether you just do this for today or you do it for the rest of the month.  The rest of the month will make you more aware of your behaviour which ultimately will help you to focus on where you need to make changes. 

If you struggle to track your food, ask yourself why?  If you don't have time in the day, why don't you take photos of what you eat so you can sit and write it all up later.  Or if you pre plan your meals then you can track as you're doing that.  You can track some meals as your shopping, scan it and pop it in your app on the day you intend to eat it.  

Let's be honest though, if you had diabetes, epilepsy or some other illness you wouldn't question taking medication would you.  Well you want to control your weight which if you don't could lead to illness so surely taking a couple of minutes each day to write it down or put it in your app isn't that big a deal is it! 

Why bother to track?  Tracking your food, weight and activity helps you become more mindful of what you eat, encourages you to form healthy habits, and is a great way to see your progress.  Plus if you track on your app you get your Wellness Wins which is another reason to bother.

How about we all BOTHER this month and track it all - me included, I'm guilty of not doing it too.  Why?  Because I don't want to see the numbers maybe, because I'm too lazy to bother.

Let's be honest, you can search on the internet for ways to lose weight and get healthy you'll find loads of ideas, some will state they're easy, but the truth is being healthy isn't easy - it's hard.   Most of us eat too much, drink too much, don't sleep enough and are overweight, makes me think this is easier then ay. 

The truth is it's not our norm to do the things that make us healthy so we have got to really make the effort and commit because deep down we do want to be in control and feel healthier so let's start by seeing where we are right now and the easiest way to do that is to write down what we're consuming.  So come on for the rest of the month, let's commit to doing just that and reminding ourselves of the reasons that we want to do it. 

Go get your pen and paper or your app and track you breakfast, hell track the milk in the cuppa you've just drunk.  To make you feel virtuous, have a glass of water and track that.  Come on let's make a commitment to track this month.  It can't be that difficult can it surely.

I'm relying on you!

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me xx 

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